Dear AweSync Users! We’re glad to announce the first production release 2.0. As already mentioned in recently published “what’s new“ blog entry, the major change in this release is full support for repeated events with exceptions. Also, in addition to the announced, we have added the configuration wizard for quick setup of product on the first run.

For now we have disabled portable installation option previously announced, as we found some problems with it during testing. For now please refer to our website FAQ section for the information on how to make portable installation of AweSync.

Please note that this download is a 30 days trial. We really hope you’ll enjoy it!

Release notes

  • Full support of repeated events with exceptions;
  • Configuration Wizard, see details here;
  • An option is added to change if the Google Calendar name should be stored in Lotus Notes Calendar entry Category field. Might be useful for those, who use categories in Lotus Notes Calendar intensively, and don’t want to mess it up with stuff coming from Google Calendar.
  • Support of synchronization with Google Calendars to which there is no write access (for example, shared by other users).
  • Google Apps Calendar support is added.
  • Support of public and private flags synchronization.
  • Configuration for double-clicking tray icon is added to either show/hide application window, or start/stop synchronization.
  • A log of calendar entries changes is added, where more detailed information about synchronized entries can be found (View Changed Documents link below the Synchronization Log).
  • Support of synchronization between Invitees Required field in Lotus Notes Meeting and Guests field in Google calendar event. Internet addresses of corresponding Lotus Notes user is placed in Google calendar event.
  • Google Calendar event field Where is now synchronized with Lotus Notes Calendar entry Location field, including 2 way. Values of reservation fields from Lotus Notes Calendar entry are added to Google Calendar event Where field in format [Rooms: RoomName] [Resources: ResourceName].
  • Google SMS notifications are now supported. You can enable AweSync option to map Lotus Notes Notify Me options into Google SMS notification, if it’s enabled in your Google Calendar.
  • Now it’s possible to cancel the synchronization at any time.
  • Made some improvements in handling Lotus Notes and Google data, which previously could cause some errors, as well as fixed a lot of other bugs.
  • It is now possible to run few instances of different installations of AweSync which makes it possible to use them in terminal server environment.

Please see AweSync Settings section for more detailed explanations and screenshots.

Update to the "Cannot find Google Time Zone" problems

Guys, here is quick update regarding the problem.
We've added the code in current 2.0 version to manage daylight savings, as previously some users had issues with time not synchronized correctly in some circumstances.
Now we've discovered that due to continuous changes in daylight savings in various countries, corresponding patches from Google and from Microsoft are not simultaneous, and even if they are, some users might not have latest operating system hotfixes (please refer to this Microsoft KB article for details).
So, if you can, please install all latest updates for your Windows operating system. It should fix the problems in 90% of cases. And we'll publish update for AweSync soon to handle this in our code as well.

Coupon code for v2.0

I m testing v1 since weeks, please send me a coupon code

Congrats guys!!!

I've been beta testing since the 1.0 days, I'm curious how I would be eligable for the free upgrade, or even the 50%??
Any help much appreciated, thanks!

You're qualified to 50% discount

Thank you so much for participating in beta-program and using our product since almost very beginning of it's public availability. Per initial announce free coupons will be sent to first 50 beta-users, who have contributed valuable ideas and bug reports during beta testing. I'm sorry, but I didn't find any tickets created by you during the beta, therefore you'll get 50% off.
Thanks again.

one small error when syncing...

looks like 100+ events were synced to google, however, getting one small error..
2010-03-25 15:49:47,170 [6] INFO  - Cannot process Lotus Documents: 1 (error happened when data was retrieved from Lotus)

Please send full log

Could you please attach full log in the Support database, so we could review error in more details? I've placed an issue for this.

If you experience Cannot find Google Time Zone for Lotus...

Guys, we received few reports on the error mentioned above.
If you're experiencing this error, please create a ticket in the Support database with the information about your operating system time zone settings, as well as Google Calendar time zone settings, and send us full log as an attachment to the ticket.
Please be patient, we'll review the information, and provide a hot fix ASAP.

Error transferred to the support area...


Moved to support (by Roman Romenskiy)

Moved to this issue. Please track for it's progress and upload your full log in the response as attachment, if possible.

Please track progress in the support database

Hi, while we're fixing on the resolving timezone error, I'm moving all related comments from this announce page into the Support database where they can be tracked.

Discount Coupon Codes

P.S. Guys, we do remember our promise to send 50% discount coupons to all beta-users, and provide product for free to 50 first users providing valuable feedback.
Please stay tuned, once we're technically ready, we'll do this (hopefully tomorrow). Please make sure that our domain is in your email white-list so you can receive notification.

Many people are going to be

Many people are going to be waiting for those coupons checking their email constantly...
 Because without doubt this is the best Lotus Notes Calendar --> Google Calendar sync tool.

Thanks for your kind words

Thanks so much, this is great to hear. We decided to not "spam" via email at least right now (as mass mailing requires some more preparation).
Please look at this blog entry for more information.

Awesome - you launched this week, as promised!

YES! Please send me the 50% discount coupon! Can't wait. Drooling!

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Let me congratulate you on a great program you have here for a good bargainable price. I use it extensively and am very satisfied. I am using Awesync to sync Lotus Notes to Gmail and from GMail to Windows Mobile. This works seamlessly without much intervention

— Vijaya Vasudevan

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