What’s New in Release 2.0

Hi! In addition to the announcement of forthcoming release, we also prepared a “What's New” list for this release, so you can get an idea of new features and changes:

  • Full support of repeated events with exceptions.
  • An option is added to change if the Google Calendar name should be stored in Lotus Notes Calendar entry Category field. Might be useful for those, who use categories in Lotus Notes Calendar intensively, and don’t want to mess it up with stuff coming from Google Calendar.
  • Support of synchronization with Google Calendars to which there is no write access (for example, shared by other users).
  • Google Apps Calendar support is added.
  • Support of public and private flags synchronization.
  • Configuration for double-clicking tray icon is added to either show/hide application window, or start/stop synchronization.
  • A log of calendar entries changes is added, where more detailed information about synchronized entries can be found (View Changed Documents link below the Synchronization Log).
  • Support of synchronization between Invitees Required field in Lotus Notes Meeting and Guests field in Google calendar event. Internet addresses of corresponding Lotus Notes user is placed in Google calendar event.
  • Google Calendar event field Where is now synchronized with Lotus Notes Calendar entry Location field, including 2 way. Values of reservation fields from Lotus Notes Calendar entry are added to Google Calendar event Where field in format [Rooms: RoomName] [Resources: ResourceName].
  • Google SMS notifications are now supported. You can enable AweSync option to map Lotus Notes Notify Me options into Google SMS notification, if it’s enabled in your Google Calendar.
  • Now it’s possible to cancel the synchronization at any time.
  • Made some improvements in handling Lotus Notes and Google data, which previously could cause some errors, as well as fixed a lot of other bugs.
  • New option for portable installation is added to the installer, to make it possible to install product to removable or network drives.
  • It is now possible to run few instances of different installations of AweSync which makes it possible to use them in terminal server environment.

Please see Quick Start Guide for more detailed explanations and screenshots.


Even in beta Awesync was the best syncing software around - can't wait to use the production version. You've used the  beta releases to really improve the product. Great work guys!!
I'll be buying my copy today.


Like the product so far and am looking forward to V2.  Looks like it has all the right stuff.  The price point looks good too.  I was wondering if I missed it somewhere, but what is the timing?

This week

We plan to publish 2.0 on this week.


Can't wait!

First Use

Hello, this was my first time using this tool and I certainly like having my calendar entries available in Google.  I recently purchased a Nexus One - now my work calendar is mobile (through Google...)  -  LOVE IT.
Initial thoughts:

  1. Slow - took almost 2 hours to synch (hope it will be faster for changes only)
  2. I have many recurring meetings on my calendar that seem to get updated frequently.  (So - lots of holes in my calendar on Google, but I know you're already working on this - looking forward to support for this issue.) 


 jharvey - you are very brave. When I first try Awesync, I choose (under Settings) to sync one day before and two days after just to make sure it works. I wouldn't dare try "unlimited" sync-ing! Bravo!

Re: First Use

1. Looks like you have your calendar established for the few years ago, and also you didn't configure sync time-frame, so, first time AweSync had to sync all your calendar events for all the time. Yes, further sync sessions will work only with events updated since last synchronization, and it should be much faster.
2. Yes, recurring events are fully supported in version 2.0. Please wait a bit, it's practically almost ready to be published.

New Release

I too, am excited for the new release. Will the Error I get from the beta be fixed "Unable to cast object of type "System.Int32" to type "System.String".? Thanks

Re: New Release

Yes, this error is fixed in 2.0 


 Very excited about your production release. Hope the price is right.
Care to give a preview of your pricing range?

Sure, here is the pricing

Thank you very much for your interest in our product, and your participation in beta-testing.
The pricing is on per-user basis (license activation will be tied to Lotus Notes username), and paricular unit price is the following:
1 - 5 units $19.99
6 - 10 units $17.99
11 and above $16.99
As we promised, first 50 beta-users with valuable feedback will get one unit for free, and all other beta-testers will get a 50% discount coupon code.

Licensing question

Hello Roman,
First of all, AMAZING app! Very easy to set up and easy to use. I have a question about licensing though... Our company changes our computers every so often, can I re-install AweSync and use same license key as long as I'm using the same Lotus Notes username? Also, if I have Lotus Notes on multiple computers, can I install AweSync using single license on multiple PCs (as long as my Lotus Notes username is the same on all PCs)?

Answer YES to both questions

You can activate AweSync using the same product key for the same Lotus Notes username multiple times.
You can use AweSync using the same product key with the same Lotus Notes username on multiple machines.


Thanks for the fast reply and good news!


Attractive pricing. Hope I qualify for 50% discount. Do you accept Paypal?

Yes, PayPal will be accepted

We'll be using 2checkout.com as a retailer for our product exclusively (at least for now). They're accepting major credit cards and PayPal. Here is the link to their knowledge database about payment options supported.
And yes, as you're registered on our site already, and hence have downloaded beta product, you'll get a 50% discount coupon code.

Discount coupons

Roman, are you going to distribute the coupons automatically or upon request? 

We're now thinking of how to do this best

Hi, we're now thiking on how to do this best. Current idea is to automatically mail them to the email addresses given to us with beta registration together with instruction on how to apply them, so that users don't have to request, and have coupon codes right in their inbox (hopefully our users won't report us to anti-spam engines for this :).

Looking forward to it!

Hey Roman,
I'm very excited about all the new changes!
Just one thing, I commented about earlier on, and I can't find in the changelog for 2.0.0
This is a quote of me from a previous topic:
Hey guys,
first of all, thanks for this wonderful product. Finally I'm able to see my business meetings on my private phone (only phone too btw ;)  )
One minor thing keeps me from being completely happy with it, though, and that's the fact that although I can see the Location of my meetings, I can't see the Room if one has been scheduled.
With room I mean one of a set of predefined locations (I would assume they are set by the IT-department) which can be chosen by the initiator of the meeting.
Adding the description of the "room" to the "where"-box in my Google Calendar (the same as happens with a "location" -> "where"-box) would be a really nice improvement imho.
Are there plans to have this implemented in the "final" version as well?
Freek Smulders

Re: Room

As described  above...
Google Calendar event field Where is now synchronized with Lotus Notes Calendar entry Location field, including 2 way. Values of reservation fields from Lotus Notes Calendar entry are added to Google Calendar event Where field in format [Rooms: RoomName] [Resources: ResourceName].

Ah, wonderful! That teaches

Ah, wonderful!
That teaches me I should read more thoroughly.
Now I only need to wait if I get a free ticket *prays* ^^

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I have tried so many tools that work like this, but I had no success until I found your Tool Awesync. It's just fantastic, does not have to much design things (what I get as a good point!) and concentrates on the main task to get my Lotus Calendar to Google all ten minutes! Just amazing!

— Carlos Garcia-Ruiz

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