AweSync is to be published next week!

We're now finalizing new AweSync release, which will contain the following features and fixes:

  • New Google API will be used in this release instead of current Our tests and verification of experimental release with selected users shows noticeably higher synchronization speed.
  • Distributed environment support will be enhanced in AweSync, when synchronization is working in automatic mode simultaneously from several computers. The profile document, in which index is saved will be "locked" by writing a value in specific field when synchronization is started, so that process doesn't start at the same time on other computers. If AweSync is terminated unexpectedly and "lock" is not removed upon synchronization completion hence, you will be alerted, and it will be possible to remove it manually in UI.
  • Fault tolerance increased for the index. Current logic to store index in profile document only can lead to index faults in some cases, as the profile documents are intensively cashed by Lotus Notes. Now index will be additionally stored on the local file-system periodically during synchronization, so that it can be automatically recovered in case of unexpected fault such as power-off, or process killed. Also, in addition to that a backup of index will be stored in Google Docs, so that in case it was damaged by AweSync somehow, it will be possible to restore it.
  • A fix will be done for proxies requiring NTLM (Windows) authentication, which causes connection problems for some users.

And yes, we remember about our promise to add features for privacy protection during synchronization via exlusion of certain fields from sync, and then also contacts sync feature. We'll include these in our plans soon - just focusing on finalizing and increasing reliability of current features set now.

Contacts sync feature

AweSync is fantastic! Works almost perfectly for me.
I can't wait to have release 3 with contacts sync feature! That's the only thing I'm missing.
Regards, Bogdan


Thanks Bogdan!
Yes, we'll plan implementation of contacts sync soon, as this is very demanded feature, so once we have this planned we'll put announce on our website. Thanks again.

Beta volunteer for Contact Sync

Roman, let me know when you need volunteers to beta test this.  I'll be happy to give it a good going through.  Keep up the great work, this is an amazing app!  Regards, Nick 

I will let you know for sure

Nick, I'll let you know for sure, right now this passes internal testing, so once it's ready for volunteer testers, I'll drop you a note. Appreciate your initiative!

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I have been limping along for months trying to juggle my Lotus Notes and Google Apps calendars. I installed your product and BAM I can see all my Notes appointments in my Google Calendar. This product is AWESOME. You people are fantastic. Loyal customer for life.

— Andrew Ogura

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