AweSync 3.0 pre-release with contacts sync is available for testing

AweSync 3.0 pre-release with contacts synchronization is now passing final checks. It will be officially published next week. However, if you want to test it earlier than all other users, you can get it via the link below.

If you decided to give it a go, please take couple minutes, and make a copy of your local Lotus Notes address book, as well as export your Google contacts to a local file. We really don't anticipate any problems, but just for a case - we all know that our contacts are very important.

Please note that for compatibility with Lotus Notes 6.5 AweSync synchronizes contacts only with local Lotus Notes address book. If you want to synchronize your iNotes contacts stored in mail database, please setup synchronization of your iNotes contacts with local address book. You can do this using Mail Preferences -> Access and Delegation, "Enable Synchronize Contacts" link and enable it on the Contacts Preferences dialog window. Then you also need to enable it in your Replicator, and setup automatic replication in your Location (more detailed instructions will be provided later). 

We will appreciate if your report any problems, inconsistencies or suggestions to our Support database.

Updates to How To page of the website are being done now, however, even interface was re-structured, all settings are quite intuitive.

issue with Awesync 3.0.2

I've just installed the latest version (3.0.2) and it looks like the old issue/error of 2.0 version is back :(
"Can't synchronize contacts: Value cannot be null"
Pls advice how am I suppose to fix it or to downgrade to 3.0.1

Re: issue with Awesync 3.0.2

Hi Decebal,
It is unlikely that an old issue/error of 2.0 version is back, since the error relates to contacts synchronization (which wasn't implemented in v2.0 yet).
Could you please create an issue on the Support page, place your description of the problem there and provide us with the full AweSync log? You can do this by pasting the string %AppData%\AweSync\Log into your Windows explorer, and attach all files from there to your message. We'll try to find the reason of the problem and fix it in v3.0.3.
I don't think you need to downgrade to v3.0.1, since you can just disable contacts synchronization in Awesync.



You're right!

1st of all, many thanks for your quick answer!
I didn't have enough patience to wait for your answer, so I've downgraded it to 3.0.1 - > the same error :)
Strange is that I've successfully sync my contacts for a couple of days.
I've just raised an incident as per your advice
Looking fwd for any further patch/advice

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I have found AweSync to work exactly as I expected, and, when I didn't RTFM and got myself in a jam, the Tech support carefully walked me through the solution. Great product!

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