MasterCard payments in USD are reactivated

Dear Awesync users! We are happy to announce that MasterCard payments in USD have been reactivated. This means that now you are able to purchase on our website using your MasterCards and USD as a currency. 
Our authorized retailer Inc. is actively working to enable MasterCard payments using the other currencies supported by them. Please rest assured that we'll notify you as soon as the other currencies for MasterCard become available.

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 I was previously using a free open source java app to sync my contacts which worked (most but not all of the time) and was not actively being worked on so had no support. Your prompt reply which solved my problem makes my $38 dollar purchase worth every penny.

Your application is making it possible to sync my Notes calendar and contacts with my brand new Apple Watch. I am the envy of everyone at work. AWESOME!!! 
John R.

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