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Here are some great news from My Notes team.

First, Android app is live now, and can be freely downloaded from Google Play. As the iPhone app, it is fully functional when a phone is connected to computer directly, ex. via local Wi-Fi network. Connecting over the Internet requires connecting My Notes Cloud service available via in-app subscription.

We have published a new release of Android version of My Notes app. You can update the app right from Google Play.

A number of bugs was fixed, but what’s most important – it works faster now, and it supports Notebook / Journal databases.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are using the latest My Notes Desktop 1.0.8 and download it from My Notes website if needed, otherwise Android app may not work correctly.

Inexika team has released the video demo demonstrating the update to it's new personal tool for iPhone and Android mobile devices for over-the-air instant access to IBM Lotus Notes databases.

This product is the next step in synchronization of IBM Notes data with smartphones - now it's possible to do this directly. And with the existing product, Awesync, in order to sync data from Lotus Notes iPhone and Android users need to sync their data to Google first. 

 It demonstrates almost completed email functionality:

Inexika team has released the video demo demonstrating a prototype of its new personal tool for iPhone and Android mobile devices for over-the-air instant access to IBM Lotus Notes databases. With this tool setting up a connection from mobile phone to Lotus Notes databases becomes as easy as scanning a QR code. With the most of the existing tools, to sync data from Lotus Notes Android and iPhone users need to sync their data to Google first. 

It's been 2 years now since AweSync went live! It's been a very pleasant time of developing and enhancing the product, which is really useful and very demanded by more than 15 000 valued customers from 90 countries, and the great news is that the story only begins.

Yes, you can. Sometimes our users ask if we are going to implement synchronization of email between Lotus Notes and Google, mainly for indirect Lotus Notes Android sync. However, there is already an easy way to automatically copy e-mails from your Lotus Notes to your Google account. We understand it might not be suitable for everyone, if not allowed by your IT admins, and also it's not a synchronization, however it's something really quick and easy.

No, you should not buy a new license. We're receiving some inquiries on whether one should buy another license if a username is changed, for example if there is some IT re-organization, or if person simply finds another job. This subject is even touched in some independent reviews (like this one), which we see on the Internet.

Dear customers, you have the right to transfer your license for free, if your username is changed for some reasons. Just email us at with your inquiry, and we'll inactivate your product license key, allowing you to activate it again with the new username. For sure, a change should be reasonable, i.e. we should see that this is a transfer of your activation to a different username, and not a transfer of license to another person.

Sometimes we get complains from our users that "spam" has been sent to their invitees, while doing some manipulations with events synchronized by AweSync. The main "firewall" for preventing emailing is simply blocking invitees field from being synchronized, which is explained in privacy options section of "how to use" article.

However, if you're synchronizing invitees for some reason, you should keep in mind certain scenarios when mailing to invitees may occur, and how to avoid it.

Hi there! We've got a great news for those who've been long awaiting for possibility to synchronize emails. We've started in-depth research as the preparation for a programming phase of email synchronization tool implementation. While synchronization of MIME Lotus Notes messages with Google is respectively easy thing, implementation of synchronization in general is not a trivial thing to do, especially considering the fact that most of the versions of Lotus Notes don't have any programming methods of converting native Notes Rich Text email messages into MIME.

Until now all downloads from our website and when being notified about update in AweSync were made from CNET, and this was fine. However, recently for some reason CNET has changed their download page for AweSync from direct installation download into their ad-ware download manager, which caused confusion for many of our customers downloading or updating AweSync. This appears to be a known problem, and is happening not only with AweSync.

Therefore we've temporarily changed our website download page, as well as AweSync version update script to direct download right from our website for now, until we get more understanding on what's going on with our page on CNET. Sorry for inconveniences.

This process is described in Lotus Notes Help for sure, however I personally didn't know about it for quite a while, until go to a point on how to synchronize my local Lotus Notes contacts at work and at home. So I guess there are some other Lotus Notes user, which don't know about it yet, and hence it won't hurt to explain it here.

So, here is description how to synchronize your local contacts (usually names.nsf) and iNotes contacts stored in your mail file.

Hi everyone!

It's now almost 2 months since the release started AweSync production era. Thank you all very much for being with us during this time! As an intermediate result we see, that we currently have about 950 clients who purchased the product from 49 countries all over the world.

We're now finalizing new AweSync release, which will contain the following features and fixes:

  • New Google API will be used in this release instead of current Our tests and verification of experimental release with selected users shows noticeably higher synchronization speed.
  • Distributed environment support will be enhanced in AweSync, when synchronization is working in automatic mode simultaneously from several computers. The profile document, in which index is saved will be "locked" by writing a value in specific field when synchronization is started, so that process doesn't start at the same time on other computers. If AweSync is terminated unexpectedly and "lock" is not removed upon synchronization completion hence, you will be alerted, and it will be possible to remove it manually in UI.

Dear AweSync beta testers!

We’ve published the coupon codes as promised – 50 free codes for the first active beta-users, and about 1000 codes for 50% off. We decided to not “spam” via email, and just placed it into your account profiles.

To get the coupon code, please go into your ‘My Account’ menu on the right and check the Coupon field as on the screenshot below.

Hi! In addition to the announcement of forthcoming release, we also prepared a “What's New” list for this release, so you can get an idea of new features and changes:

Dear AweSync users!
It’s been quite a while now, since we announced AweSync beta-testing program. Initially, we planned to finalize development and roll out production version in the end of 2009. However, since then we realized that there are a lot of features to be added, as well as we’ve done a lot of work to stabilize the application and ensure it’s working good with various Lotus Notes versions. And all this thanks to your active participation in our beta-testing program, your valuable and helpful feedback.

AweSync is now published for the beta testing, which starts August 15 and ends around October 15, 2009. You can download the product, and register to participate in testing, and help us to evaluate the product and refine it’s functionality.

All users registered for public beta testing are eligible for 50% discount for purchasing production version of the AweSync. First 50 users, who will provide valuable feedback regarding the product, will get the production version for free. By “valuable”, we mean that this won’t be a dummy report submitted, but it will contain actual information about a bug, question, or suggestion about the product functionality, lookup, usability, or any other non-functional issue.

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Let me congratulate you on a great program you have here for a good bargainable price. I use it extensively and am very satisfied. I am using Awesync to sync Lotus Notes to Gmail and from GMail to Windows Mobile. This works seamlessly without much intervention

— Vijaya Vasudevan

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