AweSync celebrates its second anniversary

It's been 2 years now since AweSync went live! It's been a very pleasant time of developing and enhancing the product, which is really useful and very demanded by more than 15 000 valued customers from 90 countries, and the great news is that the story only begins.

We are full of plans to enhance this personal product further, and also started making practical steps towards creating an enterprise-level product for those, who want to migrate from Lotus to Goole Apps and live in heterogeneous environment for a while. So, stay tuned, and thanks a lot for being with us! Oh, and by the way - celebration 20% discount coupon is AWES2AN20OFF, valid for 5 days from now.


Great product, Roman!  I've been using it every business day since the early days and depend upon it.  It works - and I think that's the best part of it - no attention is required, and that allows me to focus on work, not the maintaining or troubleshooting the Awesync tool.  Thank you and my best,  Terry McArdle

Thanks, Terry!

It's great to hear from you again, Terry! Yeap, I remember you being one of our most active beta users, and still very much appreciate your input, which helped our team to polish the product as it continued to grow. Thanks for your kind words, and hope AweSync will work fine for you as long as it's needed!
Best regards, Roman.

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I have been using awesync the last few months and it works great - thank you.  I need a product that forwards my work calendar to google so I can have my meetings on my cell phone but my company does not have tools to support this.  
While there are freebie products out - my trial worked so well I decided to  stay with you and am glad I did.
Ed, Sr. Software Engineer

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