Can I have my Lotus Notes email in Google?

Yes, you can. Sometimes our users ask if we are going to implement synchronization of email between Lotus Notes and Google, mainly for indirect Lotus Notes Android sync. However, there is already an easy way to automatically copy e-mails from your Lotus Notes to your Google account. We understand it might not be suitable for everyone, if not allowed by your IT admins, and also it's not a synchronization, however it's something really quick and easy.

We prepared a small tutorial describing how to do this using mail Rules in Lotus Notes for this purpose. You can definitely find more details on using Rules in Lotus Notes Help, but here we’d like to focus on the particular case of using Rules for creating full copies of your e-mails.

  1. Open your mailbox in Lotus Notes and click on the Rules to open the corresponding view:

  2. To create a new Rule, click on the New Rule option on the toolbar:

  3. Now you should define a condition: select “all documents”, since you need all your e-mails to be copied to Google and click Add button:

  4. Now the condition is added, and you need to specify required actions. Select “send copy to” and “full” options in the corresponding boxes, specify your Gmail account, and then click to Add Action button, to have the new Rule defined:

  5. Click OK, and your new Rule will appear in the list of existing rules, and your mail will be copied to specified Gmail account. It's that easy! This rule can be turned on and off when needed:

Note that the copied e-mails in Google will have the same appearance as in Notes, including rich text, Sender and Recipient. The only difference is that Notes native e-mail addresses are changed to the Internet.

Example of email in Lotus Notes:

The same email in Google:

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Been trying your product for synching Google with Lotus notes - excellent!! Have been in IT for 20 years so know a bit about synching software. Yours does deliver - well done :-)Great product - thanks. Have now purchased without reservations!!

— Barrie James

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