Implementing contacts sync while being almost 2 months in production

Hi everyone!

It's now almost 2 months since the release started AweSync production era. Thank you all very much for being with us during this time! As an intermediate result we see, that we currently have about 950 clients who purchased the product from 49 countries all over the world.

Right now our development team is actively working on implementation of contacts synchronization. So, after we'll complete debugging and testing, it's going to be released in June. We might review the pricing and make it just little (within $5) higher after this new functionality is added. However users who already purchased AweSync or will purchase before this release is published, will get update free of charge.

Oh, and by the way. If you have a public resource on which it'll be appropriate to place AweSync review, and you're ready to do this, we'll give you a license for free. International reviews in various languages are more than welcome. We're really inspired how this was done in Treki23 Technical blog in Spanish.

Great product, solid as a rock...

I have to chime in and say that I'd love to see Tasks implemented, as well. 
I use Awesync every work day and it's been solid as a rock, working perfectly.  Great job and I look forward to the upcoming features.  Kind regards, Terry (GothamNYC)

Thanks Terry!

Thanks Terry, expect for Contacts released soon, and tasks should be next, hopefully.

AweSync review in French
Vincent did a tremendous work to describe the process of Lotus Notes and iPhone calendar synchronization with help of Google calendar and AweSync. Perfect, thank you very much!

Meet AweSync team on Twitter

I just published photos of AweSync dev team - . Follow us there! Special thanks to Pavel Stepanov who made the pics today.

Contact synch is good, what about Tasks?

tasks are integrated in Notes Calendar, in Google Agenda too (in different ways, I suppose because Task in not seen in Awesynch like a calendar).
What about synching taks between Notes and Google? Have you had a look into that functionality? Do you think you will implement it?

Tasks support is now available!

Glad to inform you that Tasks synchronization is implemented in Awesync 4.0. You can download it now and give it a try!

Tasks support will be implemented for sure

Tasks synchronization will be implemented as well. We don't have exact schedule now but this year for sure.

I have seen 3.0 contact sync

I have seen 3.0 contact sync on twitter.
Let us test it !!! ;-)

Still have some issues unresolved

So, we won't share until resolving all known issues. Hope it will take 1 week or so

Congratulation for the 950

Congratulation for the 950 users! Keep up the excellent work you are doing :-)
Thank you!


Thanks so much, we'll try to keep this way. And appreciate you being with us, helping us to identify problems, and giving us new ideas!

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I have found AweSync to work exactly as I expected, and, when I didn't RTFM and got myself in a jam, the Tech support carefully walked me through the solution. Great product!

— Garry Collins

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