Discount Coupon Codes for Beta Testers Are Published

Dear AweSync beta testers!

We’ve published the coupon codes as promised – 50 free codes for the first active beta-users, and about 1000 codes for 50% off. We decided to not “spam” via email, and just placed it into your account profiles.

To get the coupon code, please go into your ‘My Account’ menu on the right and check the Coupon field as on the screenshot below.

AweSync - Coupon Codes

Codes for free activation have ‘AWESYNCFREE’ prefix, and codes for 50% have ‘AWESYNC50PERC’ prefix.

To apply the coupon code, please copy it in your clipboard, and then go to the Order page, click ‘Buy Now’ button, and once you’re on checkout page, please paste the coupon code into respective field as shown on the screenshot below. Click ‘Apply to order’ button to see the updated price, or go straight to ‘Review order’ screen.

AweSync - Apply Coupon Code

Note that if you have a coupon to get AweSync for free, then after you Review Order and Submit it on the next page, your license key will be mailed to you. If you apply 50% off code, after you Review Order and Submit it you will be brought to our authorized retailer in order to complete the transaction.

Please contact us if you think you should have a coupon code, but you cannot find it in your account for some reason, or if you have any other questions.


Am I too late for a coupon code?

Re: Coupon

50% coupons for beta testers were already distributed back in March. However, there is a public available coupon code AWESYNCRMN10P


 This application is a must have. I've been wanting something like this for years and now finally it is here. This has made my life so much easier and more manageable. THANK YOU AWESYNC!


Thanks so much for kind words about the software, pleasure to hear it makes your life easier, and hence the program is really useful.


This is one amazing program. How did I manage to not find it earlier?
Are there any promo codes left?
And one more question: Any plans for a Mac OS X version?


Hi David!
Sorry for nor responding quickly - didn't monitor this blog entry, as it's relatively old. I see that you already got your product key, so sorry didn't respond on time.
About Mac OS - didn't think of it yet, so don't have a definite answer right now. If we'll see demand for this from potential users - why not? This inquiry is the first one though (have had couple for Linux also).

Hi all!

Wonder if there is still a promo code left for me? Thank you!

Answered by email

Thanks for your interest in AweSync, I've replied by email.

discount coupon

Hi, I'd like to know how to get a coupon code for AweSync! Thanks!

Please check email

Thank you for your interest in AweSync. Please check your email.

how do I get a coupon ? 

how do I get a coupon ? 

Please check your email

ANikezi, please check email for the answer.

Thank you!

For the wonderful coupon...this is an amazing product, and the fact that we could receive it just a little bit cheaper was a nice bonus!
Keep up the good work!


Toddam_ca, thanks so much for kind words. Glad the product works good for you. And we really plan to add more features going further, such as contacts sync to make it covering more users' needs.

A pity that the coupon code

A pity that the coupon code came after the order :-)
Anyways -  nice and useful tool. 


Yeah... same with me :)
I ordered the product and then noticed the coupon.  Well, still very happy with this product. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much

Thanks for the kind words about the product, really glad to read it's working for you!

How can i get this coupon

How can i get this coupon  ? Thanks a lot !

Please check your email

Sum, thanks for your interest in our product, please check your email.


are there any coupons left?


Thanks for your interest in AweSync. Beta coupons were distributed between those, who were testing application during a beta program, which ended in March. Now there is a public 10% promo coupon code AWESYNCRMN10P

Coupons and new version

Can you tell me how to sync email to Google, is their any solution from you? by the way, how to get Coupons from you?

Hi, AweSync doesn't

AweSync doesn't synchronize emails, and probably we won't implement this, as there are a lot of standard methods to do this, such as IMAP or POP3 email fetching.
Coupons for 50% were distributed amongst users, who had participated in beta program, but there is a public available coupon now. You can find it here.

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I have tried so many tools that work like this, but I had no success until I found your Tool Awesync. It's just fantastic, does not have to much design things (what I get as a good point!) and concentrates on the main task to get my Lotus Calendar to Google all ten minutes! Just amazing!

— Carlos Garcia-Ruiz

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