Email Functionality is Almost Ready in New Mobile App for Online Access to Lotus Notes Data (Video)

Inexika team has released the video demo demonstrating the update to it's new personal tool for iPhone and Android mobile devices for over-the-air instant access to IBM Lotus Notes databases.

This product is the next step in synchronization of IBM Notes data with smartphones - now it's possible to do this directly. And with the existing product, Awesync, in order to sync data from Lotus Notes iPhone and Android users need to sync their data to Google first. 

 It demonstrates almost completed email functionality:

  • More advanced functionality for recipients and contacts;
  • Inserting and pasting images into message body;
  • Saving and editing drafts;
  • Replies with the original formatted message included and editable.

You can see more details in the embedded video below, or on Inexika’s website.


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Let me congratulate you on a great program you have here for a good bargainable price. I use it extensively and am very satisfied. I am using Awesync to sync Lotus Notes to Gmail and from GMail to Windows Mobile. This works seamlessly without much intervention

— Vijaya Vasudevan

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