Important Information for Awesync Users about Synchronization of Tasks

We are really sorry to inform users of Awesync that due to the recent changes to Tasks API  made by Google  we have to temporarily suspend support of tasks in Awesync. 

Despite the lack of information and absence of means to communicate with Google development team, we are trying to find the way of fixing and restoring tasks functionality. Meanwhile, please disable tasks synchroinization in Awesync settings - after having done this you won't receive error messages and will be able to perform synchronization of other IBM Notes data.

As soon as we restore tasks synchronization, we'll let you know about it by posting a note on AweSync website, Facebook and Twitter. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding. 

Update (25.03.14)  We're glad to let you know that a fix for tasks functionality is ready - please download Awesync 4.25 here.

Synchronisation Problem

Dear all,

in the current AWESYNC Mail version I´m using I have a synchronisation problem with Lotus notes. I can only synchronise mails from the Lotus Notes database not from the server.
Further not all mails from the Lotus Notes Database are synchronised. I have the feeling that they are synchronised radomly...

Any idea how to solve these issues?



 Hi Charles,   Please send us

 Hi Charles,
Please send us the following data, so that we can understand the reason of the problem better:
1) the folder with Awesync.Mail logs (usually, it's %appdata%\AweSync.Mail\Data\Log\) as a .ZIP archive;
2) mail index located in %appdata%\AweSync.Mail\Data\mail_*.txt
3) please export several such emails and send them to us for analysis using the instructions provided here:
You can send the data to


Thanks, 4.25.1 fixed tasks sync issue !

Tasks still not working

I just installed 4.25 and Tasks are still not working:
2014-03-26 10:15:55,024 [3] ERROR - Can't synchronize tasks: Too many automatic redirections were attempted.
2014-03-26 10:15:55,030 [3] DEBUG - System.Net.WebException: Too many automatic redirections were attempted.
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

 Please try this build

 Please try this build -

Working now

Thank you, it's now working

email list for task sync

Please add me to that email list too, so I get the notification when the task sync is working again.


Can you add me to the list as well?

Can you add me to the list as well?

At this point, I've just disabled it from my computer because having the notification pop up every few minutes is kind of annoying.

Most people bought this program for linking to their gmail to another email system and it's been really good up until this stopped working. Unfortunately, until this gets fixed, the software doesn't do much except generate error messages.

Thanks for looking into this!

 Hi,   You could just disable

You could just disable only synchronization of tasks in Awesync settings and continue syncing the rest of data (events, contacts, notebook) - after this, you won't receive any error messages.

Hi! We want to buy your


We want to buy your product specifically for task syncing. Could you put my email address on the list as well?




Google tasks sync

Hi Angela

Thanks for posting this info - I guess you guys can ignore the support request I submitted about 2 hours ago.

I hope you get it sorted soon, as it is the only Awesync function I need - and therefore the only reason I bought it. But I understand that Google may not make it easy for you to resolve this.

As I don't do facebook, twitter & don't typically visit your website, is there any way you can arrange to email users like me when this gets fixed? I'm happy to sign up to a subscription page for relevant announcements if you can send me a link. I've currently got Awesync disabled & probably won't enable it again unless I hear from you - which will be a shame.

Thanks & good luck


 Hi Neil,   It's a pity you

 Hi Neil,
It's a pity you cannot use tasks functionality any more - as you can see, we depend on Google's changes to their code.
We made a list of Awesync users to notify by e-mail when the problem is fixed, and I added you to this list, so you'll be notified by e-mail. Hope it will be convenient.

Email List for Tasks


Please add me to that email list too, so I get the notification when the task sync is working again.


Please add me to the list as well

I'm also having this issue. Can you add me to the list?

Thanks, Rodrigo

Please add me to the list as well

Please add me to the list as well.

I have installed 4.25, reset

I have installed 4.25, reset Tasks in the Configurations and was able to re-synch without errors. Thanks.

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Let me congratulate you on a great program you have here for a good bargainable price. I use it extensively and am very satisfied. I am using Awesync to sync Lotus Notes to Gmail and from GMail to Windows Mobile. This works seamlessly without much intervention

— Vijaya Vasudevan

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