"Default calendar is missing" error in AweSync 4.25.3

Dear Awesync users! If you have this problem again, please install the latest version Awesync 5.0 - you can download it here. Then, refresh the list of your calendars in Awesync settings and select your default one. If you have other problems, please send us the latest Awesync log to support@awesync.com

Important notes:

- If you have Windows XP SP3 or Win7, you'll most likely need to install the following patch from Microsoft in order to provide for correct work of .NET framework. If you don't have administrator rights to do this, please wait - now we're working on finding a solution. Please also apply this patch if you have errors of "Method not found" type, i.e. if you have error message like this:

"Method not found: 'System.Net.HttpStatusCode System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.get_StatusCode()'"

- The issue may create duplicated entries in your calendars - please read how to remove them here

Just in case, before removing duplicates, you can make a backup of your Google calendar(s) as described here


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This is just the tool I've been looking for! It works great for me and helps to sync my Notes data with my Windows Phone perfectly. Many thanks to Awesync team for such a great product!
— Alex L., Software Developer

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