AweSync 7.0 is available now!

Released: Fri, 10/27/2017

In this release we've enhanced stability and fixed several performance issues.

New release is available in 14 languages: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

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Portable version is also updated:


Release notes - AweSync 7.0

  • Enhanced stability and performance;
  • Fixed the problem with freezing of synchronization;
  • Fixed several performancer issues.


Release notes - AweSync 6.7

  • Improved stability and performance;
  • Fixed the problem with ContactsRestorer.exe tool (the error Execution of authentication request returned unexpected result: (404) Not Found on running the tool);
  • Fixed the error "Can't connect to Google service: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.";
  • Fixed the error "Can't process: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".


Release notes - AweSync 6.6

  • Added Win10 compatibility;
  • Fixed activation problem experienced by users without access to HTTPS;
  • Fixed "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The error might occur randomly, due to some calendar-related problems in Google;
  • Fixed "Can't process: The added or subtracted value results in an in-representable DateTime." The error might be experienced by some users in some random cases.


Release notes - AweSync 6.5

  • Enhanced stability;
  • Fixed some performance issues;
  • Fixed the error "The item with the same key has already been added";
  • Fixed the problem with contacts synchronization;
  • Fixed crashing in some situations.


Release notes - AweSync 6.4

  • improved overall stability and performance;
  • changed OAuth2 instruction;
  • added additional logging;
  • fixed some minor issues.


Release notes - AweSync 6.3

  • added the possibility to manage Private settings - now the settings can be enabled/disabled by Administrator at a corporate level;
  • fixed the error "Wrong license code";
  • fixed the error "Token has been revoked";
  • fixed the problem with crashing default calendar on some Sony devices;
  • fixed the issue with declined events not deleted from Google calendar.


Release notes - AweSync 6.2

  • Added backup encryption;
  • Improved restore tool;
  • Enhanced work with locked Notes ID file. Now Awesync will try to wait until ID file will be available;
  • Integrated new cryptographic algorithms which make Awesync FIPS-compliant;
  • Fixed some minor errors.


Release notes - AweSync 6.1

  • Fixed incorrect synchronization of all days events;
  • Fixed crashing in some situations;
  • Fixed several problems during activation process;
  • Enhanced performance and stability.


Release notes - AweSync 6.0

  • Added support of corporate-wide licensing and ability to install corporate licenses via domain policies to employees' computers. With a corporate license key Awesync activation is tied to organization part of IBM Lotus Notes names. That is, if all employees have Lotus names like "John Doe/Company", then corporate license key will work for all users with "/Company" in their names;
  • Added possibility to manage some settings via Group Policy objects: allow or prohibit synchronization of Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notebooks to IBM Lotus Notes side and/or to Google side;
  • Fixed some issues and optimized performance.


Release notes - AweSync 5.1.0

  • Fixed the error "User Rate Limit Exceeded (403)";
  • Fixed the error "A task was canceled".


Release notes - AweSync 5.0.11

  • Added the option to automatically detect necessity of the patch from Microsoft required to enable work of .NET with Google calendar API;
  • Fixed the error "The requested minimum modification time lies too far in the past. [410]";
  • Fixed the error "Response status code does not indicate success: 410 (Gone)";
  • Fixed the error "The item with the same key has already been added".


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed the impossibility to pass authentication for users with type of addresses;
  • Fixed impossibility to switch off the option for SMS notifications;
  • Fixed the error "Thread in invalid state";
  • Fixed the error "The item with the same key has already been added".


Release notes - AweSync

  • Switched to new Google APIs for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notebook;
  • Support of proxy servers with transparent Microsoft NTLM authentication protocol;
  • A lot of bug fixes and enhancements.


Release notes - AweSync 4.25.3

  • Fixed the error "Default calendar is missing" on Calendar synchronization. This problem occured because of unexpected changes made to Calendar by Google;
  • Fixed the problem with tasks that returned the error "Can't synchronize tasks: Index was outside the bounds of the array".


Release notes - AweSync 4.25.0

  •  Fixed the problem with tasks synchronization.


Release notes - AweSync 4.24.0

  • Fixed the problem that occurred on synchronization of corrupt or non-standard notebook documents, on Google and on Notes sides;
  • Fixed the problem with incorrect processing of some fields in contacts on contacts synchronization;
  • Fixed the problem with manual activation not working when proxy is enabled;
  • Fixed the error on deleting events in Google;
  • Fixed the error occurred on tasks synchronization.


Release notes - AweSync 4.23.0

  • Added the possibility of synchronization of some Lotus Notes events;
  • Fixed incorrect synchronization of custom labels of contacts;
  • Fixed various problems with tasks synchronization;
  • Fixed the error "Can't process: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".


Release notes - AweSync 4.22.0

  • - Fixed the problem with contacts synchronization (error "Can't synchronize contacts: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.").


Release notes - AweSync 4.21.0

  • Fixed an important problem with tasks synchronization (errors "Index is out of range", "Can't parse JSON text", etc.);
  • Added optimization of synchronization process: synchronization doesn't stop in case of not finding notes.ini file when Notes session is opened successfully.


Release notes - AweSync 4.21.0

  • Fixed the error "Error while reading deleted Google events: An item with the same key has already been added";
  • Fixed the problem with missing buttons in Settings windows under Parallels desktop.


Release notes - AweSync 4.19.1

  • Added authorization via eToken;
  • Added the possibility to edit startup delay manually in %appdata%\AweSync\settings.cfg file. Now you can edit 30 line where 30 - delay in seconds;
  • Fixed the problem with extra comma symbols in contacts sync'ed from Google to Notes;
  • Fixed the error "Error while RetrieveMissingEvent: An item with the same key has already been added";
  • Fixed the error "Can't process: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" that occurred in case Awesync index contained events related to an inactive calendar.


Release notes - AweSync 4.18.0

  • Added the option to make sync'ed tasks from Google private in Notes;
  • Fixed the Notebook problem arisen after moving the Notebook folder from Google Docs to Google Drive;
  • Fixed the error: ERROR - Google operation failed (403): Rate limit exceeded, lower query rate.


Release notes - AweSync 4.17.0

  • Added ability to synchronize contacts with read-only Notes address book;
  • Added ability to use automatic proxy configuration script from IE;
  • Fixed restore tool problem;
  • Fixed the problem with synchronization of contacts with empty name, but with company name specified (now such contacts are treated as not empty ones).


Release notes - AweSync 4.16.0

  • Fixed the problem with long verification for deleted Google calendars;
  • Fixed the error "Can't process: Argument has been deleted" which is related with AweSync index locking problem;
  • Fixed the problem with events restore tool (support of Win x64 is added).
  • Fixed the error "Can't synchronize contacts: You do not have access to write public document to Lotus Notes database".


Release notes - AweSync 4.15.0

  • Fixed notification for All Day events;
  • Fixed the error "Unexpected contact's batch status code: 503 Status reason:Temporary problem - please try again later. The user is over quota";
  • Fixed the error "Error in MainForm.ProcessSyncThreadFunc: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created";
  • Fixed the error "Can't synchronize contacts: You do not have access to write public document to Lotus Notes database".


Release notes - AweSync 4.14.0

  • Added possibility to properly synchronize Lotus Notes categories after moving tasks from one list in Google to another;
  • New option which allows to not display the Main window on startup if the option Minimize when started is selected in AweSync;
  • Improved locking index mechanism;
  • Improved synchronization of postal address in contacts;
  • Fixed the problem with full log that appeared each time after clicking on balloon with error notification;
  • Fixed the problem with some e-mails not sync'ed in contacts;
  • Fixed presentation of the proxy settings in UI.


Release notes - AweSync 4.13.0

  • Optimized the speed of checking for deleted documents in Lotus Notes by excluding verification of deletion of those events, which aren't within time-frame specified in settings, if the time-frame is defined;
  • Fixed the error "Calendar is not in this feed" appearing in some cases during calendar synchronization;
  • Fixed the error causing home email not being synchronized from Lotus Notes to Google in some cases;
  • Fixed the problem with trial message not removed completely automatically from contacts description after purchasing the product.

Release notes - AweSync 4.12.0

  • Added command line with support of some AweSync options. See details here;
  • Added option to clear AweSync logs and backups automatically, after a chosen period of time;
  • Added more security to portable version by changing log storage destination from %AppData% to the main application folder;
  • Added an option to keep sync'ed events, contacts, tasks, or notes in sync destination even if initial events (contacts, tasks, notes) were removed from a source;
  • Added synchronization of annual All day events from Google to Lotus Notes as Anniversaries;
  • Added automatic full sync of contacts after changing filtering settings for contacts;
  • Added immediate sync on startup, if automatic synchronization is selected in settings;
  • Added one more sync attempt (without displaying error balloon) when automatic sync fails due to a network problem;
  • Fixed iPhone Lotus Notes problem - unwanted changing of e-mail types in Notes contacts, if e-mail type contacts in Google is changed after synchronization with iPhone: now the e-mail type in Notes contacts won't change in this case.


Release notes - AweSync 4.11.0

  • Added support of Chinese language;
  • Fixed the problem with timeframe, when new future events outside timeframe weren't sync'ed;
  • Fixed the error "Can't synchronize contacts - The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request".


Release notes - AweSync 4.10.0

  • Added possibility to synchronize Lotus Notes Notebook entries in rich text format (except in-line pictures or attachments);
  • Added possibility to define a folder in Google Docs to sync Notebook entries. Please note that if you change the name of Google Docs folder for Notebook synchronization, the documents already synchronized to your default folder (created by AweSync in Google Docs) and not modified after setting change immediately. If such document is modified after setting change, it will be synchronized to a newly created folder, whereas older version of this document will still be available in default AweSync folder in Google Docs;
  • Lotus Google calendar sync - Added possibility to sync events from a shared/read-only Google calendar as available in Notes calendar;
  • Fixed the problem with symbol ";" which is not used as separator in Lotus Notes contacts any more;
  • Fixed the error "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection";
  • Fixed the error "Google operation failed (403): g:originalEvent does NOT correspond to an instance of the recurring event".
  • Fixed bug with tray notification.
  • Lotus Notes Android sync - Fixed the problem with Google default calendar: "Google Calendar specified as default is not found in your Google account. Synchronization is stopped".


Release notes - AweSync 4.9.1

  • Added synchronization of contacts pictures. The pictures will be visible properly in Person document in Lotus Notes if you use Lotus Notes 8.0 or higher. Please note that if contacts are synchronized to Lotus Notes prior to R8.0 (R6.5 and R7.x), the pictures will be shown as attachments without the extension;
  • Added support of Czech language;
  • Added the possibility to remove contacts index from tray icon menu, which makes possible starting synchronization of contacts from scratch in more convenient way;
  • Improved synchronizing recurring schedule exceptions, to execute less transactions with Google, to help avoid Google error "Returned code: 403. Reason: The user has exceeded their quota";
  • Fixed the problem with synchronization of contacts without names;
  • Fixed the problem with contacts copied from server address book; 
  • Fixed My Contacts group filtering issue; 
  • Fixed the error "Can't synchronize contacts: Full Name is empty";
  • Fixed the problem with weekly events created initially in Outlook;
  • Fixed the problem with Lotus Notes password: AweSync didn't prompt for the password again if the password was rejected on first synchronization;
  • Fixed the error "LotusDocument.Remove. doc is invalid";
  • Fixed the error "Can't synchronize tasks: Index was out of range".

Release notes - AweSync 4.8.0

  • Added advanced scheduling options to define synchronization schedule more precisely;
  • Added option to filter contacts synchronization by Google system groups (My Contacts, Friends, Family, Coworkers);
  • Added possibility to sync Google contacts groups not only with Lotus Notes Notes address book categories, but also with groups;
  • Fixed the problem with AweSync configuration file settings.cfg cleared when computer is rebooted while AweSync is running;
  • Fixed Android Lotus Notes sync problem with alerts (reminders) not popping up, for the events sync'ed from Google to Lotus Notes;
  • Fixed the error "Can't process: An item with the same key has already been added".


Release notes - AweSync 4.7.0

  • Added Notebook synchronization.

               During the first synchronization of Notebook between Notes and Google Docs, AweSync will create a new folder in Google Docs named "Lotus Notes Notebook", to where Notebook entries from Notes will be synchronized as Documents. When synchronizing from Google to Notes, AweSync will synchronize only documents found in the folder "Lotus Notes Notebook", so if you will be doing one-way sync from Google to Notes and you do not have the folder with this name in Google Docs, you'll need to create it first and place there the Documents you need to synchronize. Please note that only synchronization of Documents is supported - nor Spreadsheets, neither Presentations will be synchronized.
               Also, keep in mind that in current release formatting is preserved only when Notebook entries created in iNotes are synchronized to Google Docs one-way only. In all other cases all formatting will be transformed to plain text. For example, if you have a Document in Google Docs folder "Lotus Notes Notebook" with formatting, and then edit it, then upon synchronization to Lotus Notes all formatting will be lost. Or, in another example, if you have your Notebook locally in Lotus Notes client, and synchronize it to Google Docs, it will show without formatting as a plain text in Google Docs. And if you modify it on Google Docs side with two-way synchronization enabled, triggering pushing changes from Google Docs to Lotus Notes, this will also make you loose the formatting upon next synchronization;

  • Added support of Dutch language;
  • Fixed the error "Returned code: 403. Reason: The property "goo.allowInvitesOther" may only be changed by the organizer";
  • Fixed the problem with reminders synced only for events created by user;
  • Fixed the error "Returned code: 400. Reason: Wrong value of original Id";
  • Fixed the error "Google operation failed (400): Participant is neither attendee  nor organizer";
  • Fixed the problem with changing time-zone while AweSync is open, which caused meetings between Google calendar and Lotus Notes to be occurring at different times;
  • Fixed the problems with windows profile synchronization due to the length of some files in the directory specified in object.


Release notes - AweSync 4.6.0

  • Added support of Polish and Portuguese user interface (log is not translated to Polish yet, so Polish volunteer translators are welcome);
  • Added the option for manual activation used when it is not possible to connect to Awesync activation service;
  • Added the option to select different databases for contacts synchronization, so that users can select the Address Book with contacts they wish to synchronize;
  • Added the warning for Lotus Notes with Google calendar sync download one-way that will appear when Awesync tries to synchronize to a read-only/ not editable Google calendar;
  • Fixed the problem with impossibility to change event owner  in Google calendar after synchronization of event from Notes  to Google (will work for newly created meetings);
  • Fixed the problem "Value cannot be Null" occurred on contacts synchronization;
  • Fixed the problem with e-mails in the format "Lastname,Firstname" <>.


Release notes - AweSync 4.5.0

  • Added multi-language support. Now Awesync is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish;
  • Optimized memory consumption;
  • Added the option to backup events in case of events deletion both in Lotus and Google. Restore is not implemented and possible only with support team help for now;
  • Added the option to sync events to Google according to Google default privacy settings;
  • The tray balloon will show synchronization results only for the data type(s) selected by user (calendar entries, contacts or tasks);
  • Fixed the error "Notes error: Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large".  Note that the fix will work only for the newly created events;
  • Fixed the "Error in SyncLotusMainDoc: Index and length must refer to a location within the string";
  • Fixed the problem with participants not processed by Google correctly without providing a reason for this;
  • Fixed the problem with displaying reminders for events created in Google and later sync'ed to Notes.


Release notes - AweSync 4.3.0

  • Fixed loosing main e-mail address in contacts created in Lotus Notes 6.x or 7.x after the contacts were synchronized to Google, modified there and synchronized back to Lotus Notes;
  • Fixed impossibility to select ID file under Windows XP SP3 (which was treated erroneously as Vista);
  • Fixed the problem with newlines in the Subject of the event. Newlines symbols were just thrown away by Google during synchronization, so if an event was synchronized back to Lotus, newlines were lost;
  • Fixed the problem with repeating meetings that didn't show up on Google calendar due to participants that had only Notes e-mail address.


Release notes - AweSync 4.2.0

  • Fixed the error "Strange returned code: -1" occurred on incorrect processing of certain symbols by Google;
  • Fixed the error "Error during synchronization: Index and length must refer to a location within the string" that was a side effect of document body synchronization optimization.


Release notes - AweSync 4.1.0

  • Fixed the problem with duplication of e-mails on synchronization of contacts to Google;
  • Fixed the problem with some events using non-standard Lotus Notes format that were not sync'ed to Google;
  • Fixed error "Can't synchronize tasks: Invalid Tasks's fields" that occurred due to non-standard fields of tasks;
  • Fixed the problem with tasks created in Google that didn't have Complete button in task, but requested information as if they were delegated tasks;
  • Fixed the problem with tasks created by another user that didn't sync to Google correctly;
  • Description added to task in Lotus Notes in reach text was synced back from Google as plain text - fixed;
  • Fixed error in Wizard on upgrading from 3.0.5. to 4.0.0;
  • Settings to select Local workstation for tasks didn't save in Wizard - fixed;
  • Contacts from Notes were synched to Google with "0" as a title/prefix if no title was selected - fixed;
  • Fixed the error "Strange returned code: -1";
  • Text changed and small icons were added for the option SyncALL in the tray icon menu. 

Release notes - AweSync 4.0.0

  • Google Tasks and Lotus To Do's synchronization is implemented;
  • Email address will be synchronized from Lotus to Google only if it's marked as "Internet" type;
  • Fixed the problem with contact's data overwriting from another contact after synchronization, if contacts were created via copy & paste in Lotus Notes;
  • Now "synchronization finished with error" balloon can be clicked to open full log;
  • Added ability to move contacts from Lotus to "My Contacts" group in Google;
  • Fixed Lotus Notes iPhone problem - repeating weekly events coming from iPhone into Google becoming daily after synchronization with Lotus;
  • Sync All tray icon menu is now organized as Sync All -> Everything, Events, Contacts, Tasks


Release notes - AweSync 3.0.5

  • Fixed the error "Can't process: Internal Notes COM error prevents from continuing the synchronization...";
  • Fixed the error with non-compliant dates of recurring events sent from Outlook to Google. 


Release notes - AweSync 3.0.4

  • A balloon with statistics will appear on the system tray after synchronization in case some events/contacts have been added or removed;
  • Sync ALL button was restored in the tray menu;
  • Fixed the problem with Google events which were not updated after deletion of instances;
  • Fixed the problem produced Google API errors when synchronizing recurring events with cancelled instances;
  • Fixed the rule for the Timezone +7;
  • Fixed the issue occuring when Awesync tried to save cancelled instances of custom events. This produced the error "Returned code: 400. Reason: Cannot decrease the sequence number of an event";
  • Fixed the problem with not refreshing the data on the calendar excluded from sync in main Google calendar window;
  • Fixed a problem with mapping of e-mail addresses of Contacts.


Release notes - AweSync 3.0.3

  • New Contacts \ Filtering settings provide selection of contact's Lotus Notes categories and Google groups to be synchronized. Also you can define if contacts with empty categories should be sync'ed, and if you want to synchronize new categories which will appear after configuration is set.
  • If sync session fails with error "407 - Proxy password is incorrect", then AweSync will not try to connect via proxy until configuration is changed. Feature was made by request of users who have policy to change proxy password periodically, and their proxy is locked after several unsuccessful attempts to connect with wrong password.


Release notes - AweSync 3.0.2

  • Fixed the contacts synchronization problem that occurs if proxy requires authorization


Release notes - AweSync 3.0.1

  • Contacts synchronization is added
  • Fixed the problem with synchronizing recurring events with erroneous instance dates
  • Fixed the problem with retrieving Google calendars
  • Fixed "Error while RetrieveMissingEvent: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." happening sometimes right after retrieving Google calendars list


Release notes - AweSync 2.1.4

  • Added setting 'Exclude events created by "Add iCalendar Feed" in Eclipse-based client' in Lotus Notes settings section.


Release notes - AweSync 2.1.3

  • Fixed "403 - Google didn't accept participants". This error occurs when meeting has an invitee with improper or absent email address. Google requires valid email for all invitees. Awesync will create fake email for such invitees with address "". If this fake email also is not accepted by Google (for example, if user name contain symbols not accepted by Google), then event will be sent from Lotus to Google without any participants, like if you cleared Privacy Option "Synchronize invitees from Lotus to Google" for this particular event;
  • Fixed "Instance date is not in possible instance dates". This error occurs if recurring Lotus Notes event has invalid structure. Particularly, if main Appointment document (it's not visible in Calendar) has a recurrence list of dates not including really scheduled dates in an event itself (i.e. real event instance shown in your Lotus Notes calendar).


Release notes - AweSync 2.1.0

  • Privacy Options implemented - "How To Use" section of the website will be updated soon with details;
  • Fixed error "Google operation failed (404): No events found" when some instances of custom recurring event were deleted in Lotus Notes;
  • Fixed errors in schedule mapping when synchronizing custom repeated events from Lotus Notes to Google;
  • Fixed the problem with events cancelled by another chair in Lotus Notes not cancelled in Google.


Release notes - AweSync

  • Now chairperson of Lotus Notes event will be synchronized to Google Invitees field on first position. Please note that you need to follow the same "spam" protection techniques as described for Invitees synchronization in this article. Also, disabling Invitees synchronization from Lotus Notes to Google will disable chairperson synchronization as well;
  • Events from read-only Google Calendars are now not  marked as busy time in Lotus Notes;
  • Fixed the bug when meetings canceled  in Lotus Notes were not removed from Google Calendar;
  • Fixed the problem with yearly repeating events synchronized from Lotus Notes to Google causing additional schedule exceptions;
  • Fixed minor bug with Activation not working if user selected another Notes ID file right before the activation.


Release notes - AweSync

  • New Google API is used in this release instead of current for higher synchronization speed
  • Distributed environment support is enhanced in AweSync, when synchronization is working in automatic mode simultaneously from several computers. The profile document, in which index is "locked" now when synchronization is started, so that process doesn't start at the same time on other computers (if working against the same replica of the database). If AweSync is terminated unexpectedly and "lock" is not removed upon synchronization completion, you will be alerted about locked profile, and it will be possible to unlock manually
  • Fault tolerance is increased for the index. Now in addition to the profile document in mail database, index is additionally stored on the local file-system periodically during synchronization, so that it can be automatically recovered in case of unexpected fault such as power-off, or process kill
  • Added the option to disable pop-up balloon if Lotus Notes database is unavailable - should be also useful for traveling users who synchronize against the server database, but don't maintain persistent connection to Lotus Domino server
  • Fixed potential deletion of events from Lotus, when switching from 2-way to 1-way sync and back
  • Fixed events from read-only Google calendars not synchronized back to Lotus, if they were removed manually in Lotus. Now they will be synchronized back to Lotus after the second synchronization (first sync will update them properly in index)

What we didn't include in this release, but possibly will add going further:

  • Reliable solution for proxies with NTLM (Windows) authentication is not yet found
  • Storing of index backup in Google Docs is also not yet implemented


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed error "Google service did not accept participants" causing further errors "Google operation failed (409): Version conflict";
  • Fixed error "Can't process: Notes error: Invalid or nonexistent document";
  • Minor UI fixes.


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed duplicate and missing calendar entries in Google Calendar after sync for specific Lotus Notes data;
  • Fixed incorrect event schedule in Google Calendar for specific Lotus Notes data;
  • Fixed "Error while SyncLotusDoc (#1#2#3#4#5#7#8#9): Index was outside the bounds of the array;
  • Fixed "Can't process: The file exists" error;
  • Fixed "Google operation failed (409): Version conflict" caused by operation time-out in Google;
  • Changed behavior for users, who enable option "Don't prompt for a password from other Lotus Notes-based programs" in their Lotus Notes User Security settings or use Lotus Notes single logon. If no password is saved in AweSync Lotus Options, then on the first sync, users will be prompted to enter the password. Leaving password blank in this prompt together with enabling "save password in settings" will make AweSync save empty password in settings, and it won't be asked again if Lotus Notes is running in the background.


Release notes - AweSync

  • New feature is implemented. If due to security reasons you canot store Lotus Notes or Google password in AweSync settings, you can leave password field(s) blank. In this case Awesync will prompt for password(s) and will use them until you exited AweSync;
  • Fixed - ERROR - "Error during Google batch run: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key" which caused event duplication;
  • Fixed - WARN  - BatchId of processed event is empty. EventId: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Status: 200. Reason: Success;
  • Fixed - WARN  - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Document is null


Release notes - AweSync

  • Increased synchronization reliability in case network faults during the process;
  • Fixed the error with duplicate entries in index "An item with the same key has already been added";
  • Index processing has been changed, so now if there is an error, which is not critical, synchronization will go through. But if index structure is critically damaged, sync will stop. In latter case you would need to submit an issue to our Support database to get further directions;
  • Fixed the "Error in ProcessSophisticatedRules"


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed "Network Unavailable" error for users who connect to the Internet via proxy server


Release notes - AweSync

  • Added Privacy Options. Currently it can be used only to disable invitees synchronization, due to multiple requests from our users, who need it for privacy purposes, or who experienced Google Calendar sending reminders to their invitees email. Please note, that when Invitees are disabled for synchronization, this field will not be synchronized immediately, however it will not be cleared from those events, which were already synchronized. If sync for this field will be re-enabled again, synchronization of invitees for those events, for which it was previously prevented, will not be performed. 

    So, if you're using one way sync from Lotus Notes to Google, and need to make sure all your events coming from Lotus Notes to Google don't have invitees, you would need to remove and re-create a Google calendar for receiving events from Lotus Notes, and perform the sync in there. See the details below.

    This is an instruction on how to push all events from Lotus Notes to Google without invitees for those, who are using one way synchronization to dedicated Google calendar. It is not recommended for those, who are using different synchronization directions and options.
    As you're synchronizing one way, you can try to perform a "sync from scratch" sequence of actions:
     1. Delete the calendar in Google, to which you're pushing Lotus Notes events - if possible, i.e. if you don't create events in it manually (otherwise, you would need to leave this calendar, but manually delete events coming from Lotus Notes, which is a bit painful).
     2. Create new empty Google calendar for receipt of events from Lotus Notes.
     3. Change your AweSync settings to synchronize with only this new Google calendar as default (don't forget to click Retrieve button, so that new calendar appears)
     4. From tray icon select Debug -> Remove Index
     5. Perform sync all  

  • Added Network Options with a new option to show balloon pop-up, when the network is unavailable, and moved other network settings there. 
  • Added a progress indication, when verification is done whether any calendar events were removed from Lotus on the final phase of synchronization for better visual control, as user may think it is hanged
  • Changed retrieving of primary documents from Google with smaller batches to prevent hanging
  • Changed working with batches sent to Google during synchronization to increase reliability
  • Fixed error happening when one instance of a repeating event created by a delegate was rescheduled "The batch operation for event (Event URI is not found) failed. Returned code: 403. Reason: You can't modify a cancelled event"
  • Fixed few misspellings in the log


Release notes - AweSync

  • Exception when the main AweSync form loads
  • Fixed the error preventing synchronization to complete normally "The entry is already part of this collection"
  • Fixed Notes Document cannot be parsed - DateTime field is empty: RepeatInstanceDates - now if field is missing or invalid AweSync collects information from the other fields
  • Fixed similar problem - Invalid field "StartDateTimes" (dimension is X, but should be Y)
  • Fixed the problems with synchronization of events originating from MS Outlook
  • Fixed the problem with America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires time zone "No rules found for rule name Arg"


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed exception "AweSync.MainForm ........", which occured on startup in some rear cases.


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed "Error happened while Google batch ran";
  • Fixed "System.NullReferenceException at Google.GData.Client.AtomBaseLink.get_AbsoluteUri()";
  • Fixed "Can't process: Value cannot be null.";
  • Fixed "Can't convert time zone from...";
  • Fixed "Can't process: Exception... Domino8.NotesDocumentClass.get_Items()";
  • Fixed "Unexpected error: {0}Systen.NullReferenceException: AweSync.MainForm_Load(object sender , EventArgs e)";
  • Fixed "Upgrade Now box pop up every time a sync occurs" - now this message box will be shown only once;
  • Fixed "Proxy password is lost, and also in auto-detect it doesn't ask for password".


Release notes - AweSync

  • "Child domain removed" problem causing not all recurring events to be synchronized is fixed;
  • New known instances of "Notes document cannot be parsed" fixed;
  • Potentially slow or even hanging synchronization fixed;
  • Fixed events created in Google calendar from iPhone not synchronizing into Lotus Notes;
  • Fixed the problem with invitees and locations being removed during synchronization, which also caused conversion of Meetings into Appointments.


Release notes - AweSync

We fixed "Value cannot be null", "Object reference not set" and know instances of "Notes Document cannot be parsed" errors. Now the team is also actively working on "Child domain is removed" problem, and the fix should be available in the next 1-2 days.


Release notes - AweSync

  • Fixed with time zone errors, please refer for details to the following comment
  • Fixed the bug "Could not load file or assembly Interop.Domino8" on 64-bit operating systems
  • Fixed some instances of the errors "Notes Document cannot be parsed"

What's new in AweSync

  • Full support of repeated events with exceptions;
  • Configuration Wizard, see details here;
  • An option is added to change if the Google Calendar name should be stored in Lotus Notes Calendar entry Category field. Might be useful for those, who use categories in Lotus Notes Calendar intensively, and don’t want to mess it up with stuff coming from Google Calendar.
  • Support of synchronization with Google Calendars to which there is no write access (for example, shared by other users).
  • Google Apps Calendar support is added.
  • Support of public and private flags synchronization.
  • Configuration for double-clicking tray icon is added to either show/hide application window, or start/stop synchronization.
  • A log of calendar entries changes is added, where more detailed information about synchronized entries can be found (View Changed Documents link below the Synchronization Log).
  • Support of synchronization between Invitees Required field in Lotus Notes Meeting and Guests field in Google calendar event. Internet addresses of corresponding Lotus Notes user is placed in Google calendar event.
  • Google Calendar event field Where is now synchronized with Lotus Notes Calendar entry Location field, including 2 way. Values of reservation fields from Lotus Notes Calendar entry are added to Google Calendar event Where field in format [Rooms: RoomName] [Resources: ResourceName].
  • Google SMS notifications are now supported. You can enable AweSync option to map Lotus Notes Notify Me options into Google SMS notification, if it’s enabled in your Google Calendar.
  • Now it’s possible to cancel the synchronization at any time.
  • Made some improvements in handling Lotus Notes and Google data, which previously could cause some errors, as well as fixed a lot of other bugs.
  • It is now possible to run few instances of different installations of AweSync which makes it possible to use them in terminal server environment.

Please see AweSync Settings section for more detailed explanations and screenshots.

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Thank you again for all of your support.  I have to say it's been amazing. Every product has issues.  What separates the great ones from the average ones is customer service.  You guys (and gals) are awesome and this is a great product! Thanks!

— Rich

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