Sync HCL/IBM Notes with Google

Have the same data everywhereCalendar, Tasks, NotebookMail and Contacts

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You can evaluate our products and sync your HCL/IBM/Lotus Notes data with Google using FULL functional and  AD FREE application.

Money-back guarantee

We value our customers and in addition to evaluation period, we offer a 30 days refund if you are not 100% satisfied with our product.

Synchronize Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notebook

AweSync will be useful for the users who want to:

  • Keep their HCL/IBM/Lotus Notes business calendar and Google personal calendar, tasks and contacts in sync to organize seamless and continuous planning space;
  • Share business schedule or free-busy time information originating in Notes to virtually any Internet users via Google Calendar;
  • Synchronize mobile devices with Notes by using Google calendar as intermediate storage of their events in conjunction with Google Sync for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows Mobile;

AweSync is available in 14 languages: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. It works on Lotus Notes starting from version Lotus Notes 6.5 to HCL Notes 12 on any Windows PC.

Synchronize Mail & Contacts

AweSync.Mail is designed to synchronize emails and contacts from HCL/IBM/Lotus Notes to Google. Google can be used to synchronize mail and contacts with your mobile, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone.

Some of the most important features are listed below:

  • Text formatting, attachments and in-line images of Notes emails are preserved when synchronizing messages to Google;
  • The tool preserves the structure of Notes mail folders;
  • It’s possible to synchronize unread marks and email deletions from Google into Notes. When you work with HCL/IBM Notes emails in Google and then get back to HCL/IBM Notes, there is no need to read and delete emails already viewed and/or deleted in Google;
  • Works on any Linux, Mac OS X or Windows system where you can install and run HCL/IBM/Lotus Notes.

Advanced Features

Our team has been working on AweSync for more than eight years. Since then, we implemented hundreds of features, and we don’t stop at the site and continue support and development.

AweSync became the best in class product rapidly after it’s first production version was shipped in March, 2010.

We feel very confident that you will find our products to be a leaders in this product space and hope you will try them out for your synchronization needs.

  • Scheduled Sync

    Automatic scheduled synchronization at defined intervals of time, or manual on-demand synchronization.

  • 2-way synronization

    Full two-way synchronization, or one-way with defined data source either Notes to Google, or Google to Notes

  • Conflict Handling

    Comprehensive conflict handling – newer wins, or defined data source overwrite.

  • Recurring Events

    Support of recurring events with rescheduling and cancellations is one of the most difficult task in synchronization

  • Privacy Options

    Disable sync of certain fields to protect your data


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What our customers say

I have an HTC EVO phone, and your product is the best way to keep my phone in sync with Notes, via Google. Seamless

Thanks for a great tool – makes my iPhone usable for work calendar – excellent!

Thanks very much. Just the tool I was looking for. All worked in 10 seconds without any difficult question. I wish all the software I used was like this.

Great work!!!

Let me congratulate you on a great program you have here for a good bargainable price. I use it extensively and am very satisfied. I am using Awesync to sync Lotus Notes to Gmail and from GMail to Windows Mobile. This works seamlessly without much intervention