What Our Customers Say

I have an HTC EVO phone, and your product is the best way to keep my phone in sync with Notes, via Google. Seamless

Thanks for a great tool – makes my iPhone usable for work calendar – excellent!

Thanks very much. Just the tool I was looking for. All worked in 10 seconds without any difficult question. I wish all the software I used was like this. Great work!!!

Let me congratulate you on a great program you have here for a good bargainable price. I use it extensively and am very satisfied. I am using Awesync to sync Lotus Notes to Gmail and from GMail to Windows Mobile. This works seamlessly without much intervention

Been trying your product for synching Google with Lotus notes – excellent!! Have been in IT for 20 years so know a bit about synching software. Yours does deliver – well done :-) Great product – thanks. Have now purchased without reservations!!

I was previously using a free open source java app to sync my contacts which worked (most but not all of the time) and was not actively being worked on so had no support. Your prompt reply which solved my problem makes my $38 dollar purchase worth every penny.

Your application is making it possible to sync my Notes calendar and contacts with my brand new Apple Watch. I am the envy of everyone at work. AWESOME!!!

I consider Awesync not only the best tool for synchronization but also the tool with an Awe-some support !!!

I am very satisfied with your product so far. Makes me able to sync from Lotus Notes calendar to Gmail-calendar and further to my HTC telephone calendar.

I have never come across an application that is so simple to install and configure and works so efficiently. Very impressive! It works perfectly in combination with Google Calendar and my Android based smartphone. Good job!

I have been using awesync the last few months and it works great – thank you.  I need a product that forwards my work calendar to google so I can have my meetings on my cell phone but my company does not have tools to support this.

While there are freebie products out – my trial worked so well I decided to  stay with you and am glad I did.

I have tried so many tools that work like this, but I had no success until I found your Tool Awesync. It’s just fantastic, does not have to much design things (what I get as a good point!) and concentrates on the main task to get my Lotus Calendar to Google all ten minutes! Just amazing!

I have been limping along for months trying to juggle my Lotus Notes and Google Apps calendars. I installed your product and BAM I can see all my Notes appointments in my Google Calendar. This product is AWESOME. You people are fantastic. Loyal customer for life.

I have found AweSync to work exactly as I expected, and, when I didn’t RTFM and got myself in a jam, the Tech support carefully walked me through the solution. Great product!

Your company is really great about customer service and support; in my view one of the best. Your responses are timely and they are person to person; not person to machine or pre-drafted script. It makes it pleasure using your software.

Thank you very much for your help, the software is great! In addition to this, the most important (and maybe more valuable) part of what you have provided is service and support!

Everything is running fine, and with Google cal on my iPhone synched to Notes I am always aware of my appointment

I´m still very very satisfied with AweSync. I used a tool from another company – and had not so nice experiences…

I’m still using AweSync to sync Lotus Notes cal to Google. It works FLAWLESSLY for me. It’s a run and forget because it just works!!!

I’ve been using Awesync now for almost a year and find an almost perfect solution for coordinating my calendar and tasks between Lotus and Google. Both in terms of set-up/installation and on-going upgrades and maintenance, Awesync has proved to be an excellent solution.

Just bought your nice program and love it. No hassle, no headache sync between LN and Google Calendar. Perfect.

I have been using your product for for a little while now, love it, it works great.

Thanks a lot, the program is terrific, love it! Thanks for the good support too…

…Great product. I have been trailing it for the past few days and am very impressed.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have managed to fix the issue… and just done a quick sync… and all seems well. Many thanks for a great product.

Great product, I’ve been depending on it daily for quite some time now.

Thank you again for all of your support.  I have to say it’s been amazing. Every product has issues.  What separates the great ones from the average ones is customer service.  You guys (and gals) are awesome and this is a great product! Thanks!

I have sync’d several times this morning and it works like a charm! You have made my life easier already!

I want to congratulate You for the Great product you’ve developed! I’ve been trying various software, but this is the best from the user friendly perspective and stable too…