It’s time to update to AweSync 7.7!

In the last few days AweSync users faced with the following error:

  • Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).

In the latest version we fixed the issue with Calendar synchronization related to Google Calendar API changes.
Please update your AweSync to the latest 7.7 release –

AweSync has been verified by Google Cloud Platform/API Trust & Safety team!

In the end of 2019, Google began to require verification of applications that use Google API for accessing user’s data. Verification process took several weeks and in the last weeks new users who tried to install application received the error This app isn’t verified.

Now the issue is resolved for AweSync app. Sorry for inconvenience!

AweSync 7.5 with IBM Notes 10 support is available now!

We are glad to announce that the new major version of AweSync supports IBM Notes 10 client. In this release we also enhanced stability and fixed several performance issues reported by our users. You can download the latest release by trhe following URL –

AweSync.Mail 2.6.0 is released!

In this release we optimized synchronization algorithm on the step 4 related with changes on Google side. Also, AweSync.Mail was thoroughly tested with IBM Notes 10 client and all issued found and reported by our users was fixed.  You can download the latest release by trhe following URL –

It’s time to update to AweSync.Mail 2.5!

Dear AweSync.Mail users, especially the ones who syncronize mail with Google via corporate proxy!

After we switched from IMAP protocol to the new Gmail API web service for synchronizing mail, there is no need to use our intermediate web service to synchronize via proxy. Now you can sync with Google directly via your proxy servers.

Starting from March 1st 2018, our intermediate web service will be stopped and support of AweSync.Mail 1.x will be discontinued, because it stops working through proxy.

So please update your software to the latest 2.5 release for faster and more convinient synchronization –

AweSync for Non-Profit Organizations with Groundbreaking 30% Discount

Dear AweSync users! We are glad to remind you of our discount incentive program that provides academic institutions, governmental and non-profit organizations with 30% discount on purchasing AweSync, the cutting-edge solution for synchronization between Lotus Notes and Google. No formal eligibility proof required, but you need to specify the organization, which fits into the special pricing category, and how you’re associated with it. We reserve the rights to request the evidence of eligibility proof, such as email verification, faculty or student ID. Please send requests regarding the discount to our support team.

The idea behind the incentive program is to put the program into the hands of more people who represent non-commercial organizations. As the economy continues to be a challenge and budgets are tight, we are piloting the discount incentive program to help schools, colleges, students, teachers, their administrations, and other employees of government and non-profit organizations, as well as independent contractors using the computers in these organizations to get our synchronization software at a reduced price.

How to Remove Duplicates from Your Calendars

Duplicate entries may appear in your calendars for various reasons – whether it be software glitches, misconfiguration issues or human factor. Below please find a general instruction on how to remove such duplicates.

Just in case, before removing duplicates, you can make a backup of your Google calendar(s) as described here and make a copy of your Notes database and save it somewhere on your computer under some other name, as a backup.

1. If you’re using one-way synchronization from Notes to Google, and have no duplicates in Notes, you can recreate your Google calendar and resync your events from Notes to Google as described here  

2. If you’re using 2-way sync, first, you need to remove duplicated events from Notes. You can do this using the special database  – download it here 
Save it on your computer, then run it  (it will be added to your Workspace in Notes client). Then, in Action menu run  the option Clean Doubles Events. The tool will clean duplicated items from your  database calendar. Note that you can use this database as many times as needed to clean duplicated events in your Notes calendar.
After you cleaned duplicates from your Lotus Notes calendar, you can recreate your Google calendar to start a fresh sync, as described here

3. Then, if you have some duplicated events on your phone as well, after your Notes and Google calendar do not have any duplicated events, you can clear the calendar on your phone and resync events to it from Google.

Would Like to Get a Free License? Write a Review!

We cordially invite everybody to be the Reviewer of our products! You are very welcome to write a review and publish it to your publicly available blog, or software community, forum, etc.

If you want to request a free key prior to publishing a review, please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to provide a free key for one-year subscription.

Note that we reserve the rights to revoke a free key in case you don’t provide us with a link to a  review in 30 days from receipt of your key.

When an E-Mail is Sent to my Lotus Notes Account, Will I Receive it on my Google account?

Today we were asked a question concerning this piece of Awesync.Mail functionality. Since the answer may be of help for other users, we publish it here. When an e-mail is received and appeared in your Lotus Notes client, it won’t appear in Gmail right away – it will be sync’ed according to a schedule set in Awesync.Mail settings. I.e. Awesync.Mail will sync your Lotus Notes mail automatically in time periods selected by you.  As you can see on the screen below, if you set synchronization interval to, say,  30 minutes, synchronization will be performed automatically each 30 minutes.  However, you can also perform a manual sync, when needed.