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Dear Awesync users! We are happy to announce that MasterCard payments in USD have been reactivated. This means that now you are able to purchase on our website using your MasterCards and USD as a currency. 
Our authorized retailer Inc. is actively working to enable MasterCard payments using the other currencies supported by them. Please rest assured that we'll notify you as soon as the other currencies for MasterCard become available.

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       We are proud to announce that AweSync has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 8.

To make your life easier, Microsoft recommends “Compatible with Windows® 8” applications because they have passed Microsoft-designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts that you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 8, including 64-bit.

There can be many reasons for starting Lotus Google Calendar sync from scratch - you just may decide to create a separate calendar for your work events or recreate calendar with corrupted data, or remove duplicates which appeared after you played with AweSync settings, etc.

Inexika Inc.

Our team known as eQuality Solutions since 2002 is now called Inexika!  eQuality Solutions was a good name meaning that our company provides high quality services and solutions in the e-business area. So why do we change the name now? There are a few reasons:


It's been 2 years now since AweSync went live! It's been a very pleasant time of developing and enhancing the product, which is really useful and very demanded by more than 15 000 valued customers from 90 countries, and the great news is that the story only begins.

Yes, you can set 2-Step verification and run Awesync in the same way as you did before setting it. You just need to take several easy steps to enable Awesync to work with 2-Step verification.

Many companies are looking for a convenient and reliable synchronization tool to support migration from Lotus Notes to Google Apps platform. For pilot migrations, where proof of concept is needed, it is important to support heterogeneous coexistent environments for some time. Users should be able to work in either of the platforms, while having updates coming in both directions, without fear of information loss or outdating. Transparent Android Lotus Notes or iPhone Lotus Notes environment will also be supported through Google Apps in this case.

This is the right place where AweSync can help. With full functional two-way synchronization of calendar, contacts, tasks & notebook AweSync is ideal for coexistence support in migration projects. With AweSync users can maintain their contiguous planning and naming space between Lotus Notes and Google Apps, while already working in new platform, and also have an opportunity to perform a roll-back switch to their legacy platform if needed.

Yes, you can. Sometimes our users ask if we are going to implement synchronization of email between Lotus Notes and Google, mainly for indirect Lotus Notes Android sync. However, there is already an easy way to automatically copy e-mails from your Lotus Notes to your Google account. We understand it might not be suitable for everyone, if not allowed by your IT admins, and also it's not a synchronization, however it's something really quick and easy.

No, you should not buy a new license. We're receiving some inquiries on whether one should buy another license if a username is changed, for example if there is some IT re-organization, or if person simply finds another job. This subject is even touched in some independent reviews (like this one), which we see on the Internet.

Dear customers, you have the right to transfer your license for free, if your username is changed for some reasons. Just email us at with your inquiry, and we'll inactivate your product license key, allowing you to activate it again with the new username. For sure, a change should be reasonable, i.e. we should see that this is a transfer of your activation to a different username, and not a transfer of license to another person.

In this video Roman Romenskiy explains how to quickly configure AweSync and start synchronization of your Google and Lotus Notes Calendars & Contacts in less than 5 minutes.

Note: further synchronization to smartphones is avalable. In order to sync data to iPhone, Lotus Notes data should be sync'ed to Google first. In the same manner, to sync data to Android, Lotus Notes data should  be sync'ed to Google.


Sometimes we get complains from our users that "spam" has been sent to their invitees, while doing some manipulations with events synchronized by AweSync. The main "firewall" for preventing emailing is simply blocking invitees field from being synchronized, which is explained in privacy options section of "how to use" article.

However, if you're synchronizing invitees for some reason, you should keep in mind certain scenarios when mailing to invitees may occur, and how to avoid it.

Are you still on your trial period for Awesync or Awesync.Mail, or, possibly, looking for a great gift? So we are here to offer you a groundbreaking 30% discount for AweSync and Awesync.Mail licenses! Moreover, you don't have to wait until Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Get this discount coupon AWESYNC2016BF and buy right now! Don't have enough time to buy until weekend? No problem! The coupon will be valid for 7 days, starting from November, 21 and until November, 28.

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Everything is running fine, and with Google cal on my iPhone synched to Notes I am always aware of my appointment

— Markus

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