Should I buy a new license if my Lotus username changes?

No, you should not buy a new license. We're receiving some inquiries on whether one should buy another license if a username is changed, for example if there is some IT re-organization, or if person simply finds another job. This subject is even touched in some independent reviews (like this one), which we see on the Internet.

Dear customers, you have the right to transfer your license for free, if your username is changed for some reasons. Just email us at with your inquiry, and we'll inactivate your product license key, allowing you to activate it again with the new username. For sure, a change should be reasonable, i.e. we should see that this is a transfer of your activation to a different username, and not a transfer of license to another person.

license transfer to another computer

I am currently running XP on my laptop with trial version, but in the next weeks will have to switch to Seven on a new laptop and sometimes I also have to reinstall my computer (new OS from scratch)
Is the license transferable  ? are there any restrictions ? 
Thanks for you feedback

Yes, it is transferable

Yes, the license is transferable. Once you install AweSync on another computer, if Lotus Notes username is not changed - just enter your product key on this new instance of AweSync and activate it again. There are no restrictions, if the product is transfered and Notes username remains unchanged (and if it's changed, you know what to do from the article above).

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Been trying your product for synching Google with Lotus notes - excellent!! Have been in IT for 20 years so know a bit about synching software. Yours does deliver - well done :-)Great product - thanks. Have now purchased without reservations!!

— Barrie James

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