How to Remove Duplicates from Your Calendars

Duplicate entries may appear in your calendars for various reasons - whether it be software glitches, misconfiguration issues or human factor. Below please find a general instruction on how to remove such duplicates.

Just in case, before removing duplicates, you can make a backup of your Google calendar(s) as described here and make a copy of your Notes database and save it somewhere on your computer under some other name, as a backup.

1. If you're using one-way synchronization from Notes to Google, and have no duplicates in Notes, you can recreate your Google calendar and resync your events from Notes to Google as described here  

2. If you're using 2-way sync, first, you need to remove duplicated events from Notes. You can do this using the special database  - download it here 
Save it on your computer, then run it  (it will be added to your Workspace in Notes client). Then, in Action menu run  the option Clean Doubles Events. The tool will clean duplicated items from your  database calendar. Note that you can use this database as many times as needed to clean duplicated events in your Notes calendar.
After you cleaned duplicates from your Lotus Notes calendar, you can recreate your Google calendar to start a fresh sync, as described here

3. Then, if you have some duplicated events on your phone as well, after your Notes and Google calendar do not have any duplicated events, you can clear the calendar on your phone and resync events to it from Google.

Fresh Sync to a Google calendar

I have followed the steps to remove duplicates and also reviewed the steps for a fresh sync to Google calendar. I only sync my Lotus calendar nothing else. It is a one way with overwrite each time. I even change the name of the google calendar each time I perform this. But I still have calendar enteries in Lotus Notes that will not show up to my sync'd google calendar.

What can I do to correct this? I have upgraded to 5.0.10, done the Index removal and created new google calendars at least 6 times since 5.0.10 has been release but the same missing calendar enteries will not show up in Google. Many of the missing events are repeating and they all are missing not just some.

Please send us a full AweSync

Please send us a full AweSync log to You can do this by pasting the string %AppData%\AweSync\Log into your Windows explorer and attaching the latest file log.txt from there into your message.

Log sent as requested.

Log sent as requested.

No Calendar Entries At All

I've been doing what you've been telling me and now I have no calendar entries at all. I need help and cannot work!

1. Had multiple entries for every calendar event
2. Follwed the steps to remove duplicates
3. Didn't work, continued to have multiple entries (7 for each event)
4. Downloaded Awesync 5.0.8
5. Ran the sync
6. Didn't have ANY calendar entries in Lotus Notes
7. Ran the restore agent
8. Only restored 10% of my entries and those that were restored came in at 30 each
9. Lotus DB is full

This product has ruined 2 days of my life. Cannot get support from the email address. This is my last attempt to get assistance.

Their support is

Their support is great,problems sometimes do occur. 

Hi, We had communication by

Hi, We had communication by e-mail on this problem - sorry for not answering your last message at once, due to our Time Zone we cannot always answer messages in real time. Please send us the information requested in my last message, so that we can try resolving the problem. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have been limping along for months trying to juggle my Lotus Notes and Google Apps calendars. I installed your product and BAM I can see all my Notes appointments in my Google Calendar. This product is AWESOME. You people are fantastic. Loyal customer for life.

— Andrew Ogura

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