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How to Start a Fresh Sync to a Googe calendar

There can be many reasons for starting Lotus Google Calendar sync from scratch – you just may decide to create a separate calendar for your work events or recreate calendar with corrupted data, or remove duplicates which appeared after you played with AweSync settings, etc. The procedure itself is quite easy, but to make sure […]

Now we’re Inexika!

Our team known as eQuality Solutions since 2002 is now called Inexika!  eQuality Solutions was a good name meaning that our company provides high quality services and solutions in the e-business area. So why do we change the name now? There are a few reasons: We needed a shorter, more memorizable and easy-to-spell name, so […]

Does AweSync Support Google 2-Step Verification?

Yes, you can set 2-Step verification and run Awesync in the same way as you did before setting it. You just need to take several easy steps to enable Awesync to work with 2-Step verification. After your mobile phone was tied to your Google account, you should create a special password for Awesync in Google […]

AweSync Welcomes Lotus to Google Apps Migration Users

Many companies are looking for a convenient and reliable synchronization tool to support migration from Lotus Notes to Google Apps platform. For pilot migrations, where proof of concept is needed, it is important to support heterogeneous coexistent environments for some time. Users should be able to work in either of the platforms, while having updates […]

Should I buy a new license if my Lotus username changes?

No, you should not buy a new license. We’re receiving some inquiries on whether one should buy another license if a username is changed, for example if there is some IT re-organization, or if person simply finds another job. This subject is even touched in some independent reviews (like this one), which we see on the […]

AweSync Solution Articles (English, Français, Español, Deutsch, 日本語)

AweSync synchronizes your Google Calendars and Contacts with Lotus Notes – Extended to Android, iPhone, etc. AweSync synchronise vos Calendriers et Contacts Lotus Notes avec Google… ainsi qu’avec votre mobile Android ou iPhone ! AweSync sincroniza su Google Calendario y Contactos con Lotus Notes, ahora con Android, iPhone, etc. AweSync: Synchronisation Ihrer Google-Kalender und -Kontakte […]

Quick Tip: How to avoid “spam” to invitees

Sometimes we get complains from our users that “spam” has been sent to their invitees, while doing some manipulations with events synchronized by AweSync. The main “firewall” for preventing emailing is simply blocking invitees field from being synchronized. However, if you’re synchronizing invitees for some reason, you should keep in mind certain scenarios when mailing […]

How to send your data to development team

If some specific events were not sync’ed to Google, and you are ready to prepare and send us your data, please do the following: 1. Save this file dxlexport.exe to your Lotus Notes folder (for example, it may be something like C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\, but you need to select your own folder). This is compiled file dxlexport.exe from […]

How to report problems to AweSync support

If you faced any problem, please send us email with details as described below. First of all, Awesync creates log, where all actions and bugs are saved. Log files are regular text files which are placed in folder “%APPDATA%\Awesync\Log”. To browse this folder you can just paste this string to Explorer’s path textbox. Usually this […]