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Dear AweSync.Mail users! As we mentioned before, it's time to update to AweSync.Mail 2.5 for faster and more convinient synchronization -

Dear AweSync.Mail users, especially the ones who syncronize mail with Google via corporate proxy!

After we switched from IMAP protocol to the new Gmail API web service for synchronizing mail, there is no need to use our intermediate web service to synchronize via proxy. Now you can sync with Google directly via your proxy servers.

Starting from March 1st 2018, our intermediate web service will be stopped and support of AweSync.Mail 1.x will be discontinued, because it stops working through proxy.

So please update your software to the latest 2.5 release for faster and more convinient synchronization -

We really think that this news may be interesting to AweSync users who may want to access IBM Lotus Notes mail, contacts, calendar, notebook, etc. from their iPhone or iPad as simple as scanning a QR code.

A new release of My Notes app for iOS has just been published in the Apple AppStore. We added support of such demanded features as:

Dear AweSync users! As we already informed you, starting from November 17, 2014 the older Google APIs for Calendar are shut down by Google. Since then, synchronization of calendar will stop working in Awesync versions older than 5.x So we highly recommend you upgrading to the latest version where the new Google Calendar API v3 is used. You can upgrade directly on Awesync website -

We really think that this news may be very interesting to everyone, who is using AweSync to transfer their data to their mobile phones or tablets. Our new product – My Notes for iPhone is live now, which means that you now can access your Lotus Notes databases right from your iPhone as simple as scanning a QR code from your desktop.

See more details and a demo video at

Note, that you can also use My Notes for Android free of charge now if you register for the beta. Just click on ‘Get it on Google Play’ icon from My Notes website.

We’re looking for volunteers to help us with beta testing of Android version of My Notes. This is truly unique opportunity to use your Lotus Notes databases on your Android device at no cost, helping My Notes team in improving the product while it’s just few steps away from being published.

If you wish to opt-in beta testing, please open the link!forum/my-notes-public-beta to join public My Notes beta-testers Google group and register for beta testing now.

Inexika team has released the video demonstrating its new personal tool for iPhone and Android mobile devices for over-the-air instant access to IBM Notes databases. With this tool, setting up a connection from mobile phone to IBM Notes databases becomes as easy as scanning a QR code.

You can see more details in the embedded video below, or on website.

Today we are proud to announce that after three years of AweSync development, we've reached 23 000 licensed users from 90+ countries all over the world, providing them with quality iPhone Lotus Notes and Android Lotus Notes synchronization tool! We'd like to thank each and every our user for valuable contribution, be it bug reports, suggestions, feature requests, or simply hassle-free use of our product. To celebrate the event, we publish this discount coupon AWESYNC23000 - please use it from June, 24, 2013 to June, 26, 2013 to get 23% celebration discount.

If IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is a corporate email platform in your company and for some reason there is no ability to work with email from virtually any place, at any time, using any device, then our new product AweSync.Mail is right for you.

It's a well-known fact that IBM Lotus Notes/Domino includes iNotes - a Web interface enabling work with Lotus Notes email through Web browser, IMAP and POP3 servers, and Lotus Traveler, which allows Lotus Notes iPhone and Lotus Notes Android sync capabilities for email, calendar and contacts. But the majority of companies don't provide such services for their employees due to various reasons, for example, because of security restrictions or older IBM Lotus Domino versions. In such circumstances, AweSync.Mail is the best solution. 

Many companies are looking for a convenient and reliable synchronization tool to support migration from Lotus Notes to Google Apps platform. For pilot migrations, where proof of concept is needed, it is important to support heterogeneous coexistent environments for some time. Users should be able to work in either of the platforms, while having updates coming in both directions, without fear of information loss or outdating. Transparent Android Lotus Notes or iPhone Lotus Notes environment will also be supported through Google Apps in this case.

This is the right place where AweSync can help. With full functional two-way synchronization of calendar, contacts, tasks & notebook AweSync is ideal for coexistence support in migration projects. With AweSync users can maintain their contiguous planning and naming space between Lotus Notes and Google Apps, while already working in new platform, and also have an opportunity to perform a roll-back switch to their legacy platform if needed.

In this video Roman Romenskiy explains how to quickly configure AweSync and start synchronization of your Google and Lotus Notes Calendars & Contacts in less than 5 minutes.

Note: further synchronization to smartphones is avalable. In order to sync data to iPhone, Lotus Notes data should be sync'ed to Google first. In the same manner, to sync data to Android, Lotus Notes data should  be sync'ed to Google.


Dear AweSync users! From now through November 28 you can use the following 25% coupon in our store - AWESYNC2014BF .

We are happy to announce that we've implemented a web service allowing Awesync.Mail to work with HTTP proxy. After sync'ing mail from Notes to Google, further Lotus Notes iPhone and Lotus Notes Android sync is possible. To enable HTTP proxy functionality in Awesync.Mail, after you select this option in settings you'll need to activate your Google account - you will be prompted about it in your browser and receive email notification from Google. The following address opens up in a new browser window: and you'll need to click Continue button on the web page to allow Awesync.Mail to synchronize emails through our proxy service.

All connections are established via our intermediary HTTP/HTTPS server Please note that we respect your privacy and, when is used, we never collect, keep or use any user information in any way. Our server always connects to using SSL. If your corporate proxy server allows HTTPS connections, try to use secure SSL connection to our web service. This can be configured in AweSync.Mail settings->Proxy settings->Use secure SSL connection.

Now we are finishing contacts sync. This feature will be included into AweSync.Mail in a month or so.

Dear AweSync users! We experienced temporary problems with activation service during 10-15 minutes due to upgrade on our website. Now the problem is resolved. If you received "Wrong license code" error, please open Activation tab in Awesync settings and click Activate button. Everything should work fine then. 

Sorry for the inconvenience!

We are happy to announce that today we celebrate 1 year since launching Awesync commercial release! Since the first production release in March 2010 we have had more than 8000 customers who purchased the product from 70 countries all over the world. So we are glad to offer 35% discount to all customers who'll purchase Awesync during 5 celebration days. Please apply the following coupon (valid from March, 25 till March, 29 inclusive)  to your orders: AWESYNC35A

       We are proud to announce that AweSync has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be Compatible with Windows® 7.

To make your life easier, Microsoft recommends “Compatible with Windows® 7” applications because they have passed Microsoft-designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts that you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 7, including 64-bit.

We've now finished code development of the next major release with multi-language version of AweSync UI. Currently Brazilian Portuguese and Russian versions are being tested and refined. Other languages including French, German, Japanese and Spanish are coming soon. Native speakers are welcome to participate in translation to other languages, and we'll be more than happy to offer a free discount coupon license and credits on our website. Release is targeted to the beginning of December. Please see the first screenshots of multi-language UI below.

AweSync 3.0 pre-release with contacts synchronization is now passing final checks. It will be officially published next week. However, if you want to test it earlier than all other users, you can get it via the link below.

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Thanks very much. Just the tool I was looking for. All worked in 10 seconds without any difficult question. I wish all the software I used was like this.
Great work!!!

— P.Sikma, Lab Services Manager Benelux, IBM

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