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Dear AweSync users! We are glad to remind you of our discount incentive program that provides academic institutions, governmental and non-profit organizations with 30% discount on purchasing AweSync, the cutting-edge solution for synchronization between Lotus Notes and Google. No formal eligibility proof required, but you need to specify the organization, which fits into the special pricing category, and how you're associated with it. We reserve the rights to request the evidence of eligibility proof, such as email verification, faculty or student ID. Please send requests regarding the discount to our support team.

Duplicate entries may appear in your calendars for various reasons - whether it be software glitches, misconfiguration issues or human factor. Below please find a general instruction on how to remove such duplicates.

Just in case, before removing duplicates, you can make a backup of your Google calendar(s) as described here and make a copy of your Notes database and save it somewhere on your computer under some other name, as a backup.

Dear Awesync users! If you have this problem again, please install the latest version Awesync 5.0 - you can download it here. Then, refresh the list of your calendars in Awesync settings and select your default one. If you have other problems, please send us the latest Awesync log to

Important notes:

- If you have Windows XP SP3 or Win7, you'll most likely need to install the following patch from Microsoft in order to provide for correct work of .NET framework. If you don't have administrator rights to do this, please wait - now we're working on finding a solution. Please also apply this patch if you have errors of "Method not found" type, i.e. if you have error message like this:

"Method not found: 'System.Net.HttpStatusCode System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.get_StatusCode()'"

- The issue may create duplicated entries in your calendars - please read how to remove them here

Just in case, before removing duplicates, you can make a backup of your Google calendar(s) as described here


We are really sorry to inform users of Awesync that due to the recent changes to Tasks API  made by Google  we have to temporarily suspend support of tasks in Awesync. 

Despite the lack of information and absence of means to communicate with Google development team, we are trying to find the way of fixing and restoring tasks functionality. Meanwhile, please disable tasks synchroinization in Awesync settings - after having done this you won't receive error messages and will be able to perform synchronization of other IBM Notes data.

Since the release candidate version is published, we cordially invite everybody to be the Reviewer of Awesync.Mail! You are very welcome to write a review on Awesync.Mail and publish it to your publicly available blog, or software community, forum, etc.
Please not that Awesync and Awesync.Mail are different products - you can read more about Awesync.Mail here
If you want to request a free key prior to publishing a review, please contact us at, and we'll be happy to provide a free key for one-year subscription to Awesync.Mail.
Note that we reserve the rights to revoke a free key in case you don't provide us with a link to a  review in 30 days from receipt of your key.

Today we were asked a question concerning this piece of Awesync.Mail functionality. Since the answer may be of help for other users, we publish it here. 

We are glad to inform all users who are experiencing problems with synchronization of tasks that tasks synchronization functionality has been restored, and the release with the fix will be available in the beginning of the next week.
Meanwhile, you can download the hotfix here.

Dear Awesync users! Most probably, some of you have already received error messages related to tasks synchronization. Unexpected and hence unpredictable changes on Google side are now causing inability to perform synchronization of tasks. Unfortunately, as we didn't know about this in advance, our development team haven't had time to prepare. Now we are working hard to restore tasks synchronization functionality. Meanwhile, to avoid errors during synchronization, please disable tasks synchronization in Awesync settings.

Dear Awesync users! We are happy to announce that MasterCard payments in USD have been reactivated. This means that now you are able to purchase on our website using your MasterCards and USD as a currency. 
Our authorized retailer Inc. is actively working to enable MasterCard payments using the other currencies supported by them. Please rest assured that we'll notify you as soon as the other currencies for MasterCard become available.

There can be many reasons for starting Lotus Google Calendar sync from scratch - you just may decide to create a separate calendar for your work events or recreate calendar with corrupted data, or remove duplicates which appeared after you played with AweSync settings, etc.

Inexika Inc.

Our team known as eQuality Solutions since 2002 is now called Inexika!  eQuality Solutions was a good name meaning that our company provides high quality services and solutions in the e-business area. So why do we change the name now? There are a few reasons:


Yes, you can set 2-Step verification and run Awesync in the same way as you did before setting it. You just need to take several easy steps to enable Awesync to work with 2-Step verification.

Are you still on your trial period for Awesync or Awesync.Mail, or, possibly, looking for a great gift? So we are here to offer you a groundbreaking 30% discount for AweSync and Awesync.Mail licenses! Moreover, you don't have to wait until Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Get this discount coupon AWESYNC2016BF and buy right now! Don't have enough time to buy until weekend? No problem! The coupon will be valid for 7 days, starting from November, 21 and until November, 28.

We send our warm greetings to all of you and are happy to offer our special 35% discount for AweSync and AweSync.Mail products!

Please use the coupon AWESYNC2015CNY which will be valid from December 24, 2015 till January 10, 2016. Use Awesync and Awesync.Mail and have a happy holidays!

This problem occurs because of changes made to Calendar by Google. If you encountered this issue, please install the version with the fix below.

Note: Release is already available:

Dear Awesync users! Inexika wishes you a Most Joyful Holidays and a Very Happy and Prosperous New 2014 Year! Please use the coupon AWESYNC25NY to get 25% discount when purchasing Awesync licenses. The coupon is valid from December 24, 2013 until January 2, 2014.

Hi there! Christmas and New Year are coming, so it's time for celebrations and gifts. Here at Inexika we've prepared a present for all prospective AweSync customers - starting from today and until the end of 2012 you can purchase Awesync with 15% discount! Please use the discount coupon AWESYNC15XMAS and have great holidays and happy New Year!

Are you a happy AweSync trial user who wants a great deal to buy it? Specially for Black Friday 2012 we're happy to offer you a 30% discount for AweSync license. But why wait for Friday? OK, if you're enjoying your time on theThanksgiving day, we'd love to make this day even better for you. The discount coupon AWESYNC30BLACK starts working right now and is valid until the end of the day Friday (November, 23).

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Thanks for a great tool – makes my iPhone usable for work calendar – excellent!

— Stephen Creamer

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