Great News for Those Who've Been Long Awaiting for Possibility to Synchronize Emails

Hi there! We've got a great news for those who've been long awaiting for possibility to synchronize emails. We've started in-depth research as the preparation for a programming phase of email synchronization tool implementation. While synchronization of MIME Lotus Notes messages with Google is respectively easy thing, implementation of synchronization in general is not a trivial thing to do, especially considering the fact that most of the versions of Lotus Notes don't have any programming methods of converting native Notes Rich Text email messages into MIME. And Rich Text messages are used a lot in Lotus Notes, so we got to find some solution for this soon.

Also, if we grab through these initial issues, and implement the solution, it'll likely be a separate product with multi-platform support. So, please stay tuned, and we'll keep you informed.

coupon code ?

I'd like to know how to get a coupon code for AweSync! Thanks!

 Hi Alfonso,   We issue

 Hi Alfonso,
We issue discount coupons from time to time, when we celebrate Awesync dates - information about such coupons is published on our website and on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get 30% discount for government, non-profit and education institutions - please contact support at

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I want to congratulate You for the Great product you've developed! I've been trying various software, but this is the best from the user friendly perspective and stable too...

— Decebal Chitu

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