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General Settings

AweSync.Mail Settings - General

Auto sync every … minute(s): sets a time period in minutes to synchronize your mail automatically.

Autorun on computer startup: when this option is checked, Awesync.Mail will be launched on your computer startup automatically.

Network Settings

AweSync.Mail Settings - Network

Use proxy: this option should be enabled if your network uses proxy.

  • Use secure connection (SSL): By default AweSync.Mail uses secure SSL connection to Google, but you can disable this if you’re experiencing problems connecting via SSL.
  • Use Operating System proxy settings. You can select between using your system (Internet Explorer settings in Windows) proxy settings or manual proxy settings, depending on your particular network configuration. To use proxy authentication, check the corresponding box – it will allow you to enter proxy user name and password.

To enable HTTP proxy functionality in Awesync.Mail, after you select Proxy option in settings, you’ll need to activate your Google account – you will be prompted about it in Google Settings section. Please follow the instructions provided there.

IBM Notes ID

AweSync.Mail Settings - IBM Notes ID

Username: your username is detected automatically based on your Lotus Notes configuration.

Password: enter your password and click Verify button.

Google Account

AweSync.Mail Settings - Google Account

Google email: Your Google email address.

Password: Enter your password and press Verify button. If you selected to use proxy, the following message may appear. Read it carefully and click OK.

AweSync.Mail Settings - Google Activation

Click Continue button in the browser window – you’ll see the notification “Account access enabled” then.

AweSync - Configuration Wizard - Welcome

Go back to Awesync.Mail settings. You’ll see the message “Try to verify your account again” – click OK. You should receive the message “Entered Google credentials are valid” – click OK.


AweSync.Mail Settings - Updates

  • When started: Awesync.Mail will check for updates on its startup.
  • Daily: Awesync.Mail will check for updates daily.
  • Check for Update Now: Click this button to check for update instantly.


AweSync.Mail Settings - Activation

Software is activated until… Displays the date when your subscription expires. Awesync.Mail is offered on basis of a yearly subscription.

Activation code: Calculated automatically.

Product key: To activate Awesync.Mail, enter the product key in the field and press Activate button. If you don’t have a key and want to buy one, press Buy Key Now button – you’ll be redirected to a purchasing form.

Notify for expiring product key: If you want to be prompted about expiration of your product key, select Yes and specify number of days before expiration of your key.


AweSync.Mail Settings - Mail

Here you can enable or disable mail synchronization

Mail – IBM Notes

AweSync.Mail Settings - Mail - IBM Notes

Database Location and Database Path: If your password is entered correctly, your mail database settings are determined automatically, and you can change them later if needed.

Folders to sync: by default All Folders option is selected and all folders from Lotus Notes mail database will be synchronized with Google. To select particular folders in the database, All Folders option should be disabled and Select folders button can be clicked to choose needed ones. Note that Inbox folder cannot be deselected and will always be synchronized.

Sync emails: … days back: Defines for how many days in the past email messages are synchronized.

Sync encrypted emails: Enables encrypted email messages synchronization.

Mark synchronized email as read: If this option is enabled, all emails will be marked as read on sync side. If option is disabled, read mark on synced email will be the same as of original email.

Mail – Google

AweSync.Mail Settings - Mail - Google

Target folder to sync: By default, Awesync.Mail will create the folder named Lotus in your Gmail account. It’s possible to select any other custom folder from the list – press Refresh button, and Awesync.Mail retreive the list of custom folders from Google. It’s possible to create new folder in Google directly from Awesync.Mail interface – it will appear in the list of folders instantly.

AweSync.Mail Settings - Folders Creation

Enter the name of the new folder and select a location for that folder in Google. If -NONE- is selected, the folder will be placed in folders root.


Enable contacts synchronization if needed. Please note that for compatibility with Lotus Notes 6.5 AweSync synchronizes contacts only with local Lotus Notes address book. If you want to synchronize your iNotes contacts, please setup synchronization of your iNotes contacts with a local address book.

Synchronization mode

  • One-way mode transfers data only in one direction (for example from Lotus Notes to Google).AweSync.Mail Settings - ContactsAlso you can specify the conflict handling policies similar to calendars synchronization. Select Synchronize removed contacts option if you want contacts removed from one destination to be removed from other destination, too.Restore Removed Contacts will restore the entries if they were deleted for some reason in the destination.
  • Two-way mode transfers contacts in both directions. The conflict handling here is similar to calendars sync and has the same 3 options:AweSync.Mail Settings - Contacts - Two Way SyncLatest wins: when the AweSync finds that previously synchronized contact that is changed in Lotus Notes or Google, it will update the older version with the newer data.Lotus Notes overwrites Google: in case of conflicts always overwrite Google contact with Lotus Notes ones.Google overwrites Lotus Notes: in case of conflicts always overwrite Lotus Notes contacts with Google ones.

You can skip synchronizing contacts with empty names. Google adds all your senders and recipients to your contacts automatically, so this options helps to exclude these from synchronization, until you explicitly edit and specify at least their name (as well as other details).

Processing of contacts on the first run option is available only if you didn’t run contacts synchronization yet. You can merge them all together, and then manually clean them up if duplicates appear. Or you can remove all contacts on one end (ex. in Google), and then pull all contacts from the other (ex. from Lotus to Google).

Contacts – IBM Notes

AweSync.Mail Settings - Contacts - Notes

Here you can configure which IBM Notes address book should be synchronized with Google and how Google Groups should be translated to IBM Notes entities.

Also, option “Move IBM Notes contacts to My Contacts Google Group” allows you to see synced contacts in default “Contacts” view in Google interface.

Contacts – Filtering

AweSync.Mail Settings - Contacts - Filtering

Here you can limit synchronization of contats to only selected Google categories