AweSync provides you with advanced feature for synchronizing multiple Google calendars with Lotus Notes calendar, with ability to track each synchronized Google calendar in Lotus Notes via event categories.

To synchronize multiple calendars, simply choose them in the Google options. Select the Default Calendar: this is where the Lotus Notes events will be put to, if no category is specified for them.

The basic principle beyond the multi-calendar synchronization is the following:

  1. When the events are copied from Google calendar to Lotus Notes calendar for the first time, their categories will be set according to the Google calendar names with “Google_” prefix. For example, event from “Holidays” Google calendar will turn into event with category “Google_Holidays”.
  2. On the next synchronizations AweSync will attempt to synchronize each calendar with events from the corresponding category in Lotus Notes. If event in Lotus Notes has multiple categories, only the first one is considered.
  3. When some event is pushed from Lotus Notes to Google, and its category is undefined or there is no corresponding calendar in Google, it will be put to the Default Calendar.

Here’s the example illustrating the above rules.

  1. Suppose we have created several events in different Google calendars – Dinner and Therapist appointment in Personal Calendar, and couple basketball games in Sports Events Calendar:

    Events in 2 Google Calendars

  2. Now we’ve set up AweSync to synchronize Personal and Sports Events calendars with Lotus Notes, and Personal one is chosen as default:

    Google Settings

  3. After the synchronization the events will be created in Lotus Notes calendar:

    Events created in Lotus Notes Calendar

    They have the corresponding categories:

    Google Calendar Name Matches Lotus Notes Category

    Google Calendar Name Matches Lotus Notes Category

  4. Now, let’s change some events in Lotus Notes – add a hockey match assigned to category “Google_Sports Events” and add “Bruce Willis’ Birthday” (which is Anniversary):

    Events Added in Lotus Notes

  5. Here’s what we now have in Google after the synchronization – new hockey match is added to Google “Sports Events” calendar according to the category assigned in Lotus Notes, and actor’s birthday is created in the default Google calendar (Personal):

    Google Calendar Synchronized by Categories

Note: AweSync Conflict Handling Policies work with multi-calendar synchronization. In the above sample we used two-way synchronization with “Latest wins” policy.