AAweSync is designed to synchronize Lotus Notes Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notebook with Google.

Lotus Notes is one of the most world-famous and powerful messaging, calendar planning, and collaboration enterprise software platforms. There are millions people in the world using Lotus Notes calendars at work.

On the other hand – Google is extremely popular for personal and business applications, including Google calendar.

AweSync may be useful for the users who want to:

  • Keep their Lotus Notes business calendar and Google personal calendar and tasks in sync to organize continuous and seamless planning space
  • Share their business schedule or free-busy time information originating in Lotus Notes to virtually any Internet users via Google Calendar
  • Synchronize their mobile device with Lotus Notes starting from version 6.5 by using Google calendar as intermediate storage of their events in conjunction with Google Sync for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or Windows Mobile
  • Have the same contacts in Lotus Notes and Google

We feel very confident that you will find our AweSync product to be a leader in this product space and hope you will try it out for your synchronization needs.

To start synchronizing, the only thing you need is to define your Lotus Notes Mail File settings, which are actually discovered on utility startup, so you just need to check those, and also, define your Google credentials. Though, for convenient synchronization we have added some advanced features:

  • Automatic scheduled synchronization at defined intervals of time, or manual on-demand synchronization;
  • Full two-way synchronization, or one-way with defined data source either Notes to Google, or Google to Notes;
  • Comprehensive conflict handling – newer wins, or defined data source overwrite;
  • Selection of one or more Google calendars for synchronization;
  • Support of recurring events with rescheduling and cancellations;
  • Privacy options to disable synchronization of certain fields;

You can extend this solution further to synchronize your mobile device with Google as the intermediate storage, and therefore get it synchronized with Lotus Notes. Steps to perform depend on the device you’re using:

  • Android based devices – they’re already tied to Google account, phone device account and synchronization settings should be checked to ensure the sync is enabled.
  • iPhones and iPADs – Google Sync should be used for Apple devices, as well as for Nokia and Windows Mobile. Please refer to this article for iDevices. If you need to setup multiple calendars synchronization with iPhone or iPAD, please check this article.
  • Windows Mobile – please check this article to setup sync with your phone.