AweSync.Mail Product Overview

AweSync.Mail is designed to synchronize emails and contacts from IBM Lotus Notes to Google. Google can be used in its turn as an intermediate storage to synchronize mail and contacts with your mobile, such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. AweSync.Mail works on any Linux, Mac OS X or Windows system where you can install and run IBM Lotus Notes.

Some of the most important features are listed below:

  • It is possible to synchronize unread marks and email deletions from Google into Lotus Notes. This means that when you work with Lotus Notes messages in Google via Web browser or on your mobile device and then get back to Lotus Notes, there is no need to read and delete emails already viewed and/or deleted in Google.
  • Text formatting, attachments and in-line images of Notes emails are preserved when synchronizing messages to Google.
  • The tool preserves the structure of Lotus Notes mail folders: a special folder named "Lotus" is created in Gmail Inbox, and all messages from Notes Inbox folder are sync'ed into this folder. All subfolders of Lotus Notes Inbox are created as subfolders of  "Lotus" folder in Google.
  • Intermediate web service at is used by AweSync.Mail to work via HTTP proxy, if required by your network environment, because standard IMAP protocol doesn't support working via HTTP proxy. Please note that we respect your privacy, and when is used we never collect, keep or use any information passed through this service in any way. Our server always connects to using SSL. If your corporate proxy server allows HTTPS connections, it is recommended to use secure SSL connection to intermediate web service.

Note: If you enable HTTP proxy functionality in AweSync.Mail settings, you need to activate your Google account - you will be prompted about it in your web browser and will receive email notification from Google. The following address will be opened a in a new browser window: and you'll need to click Continue button on the web page to allow AweSync.Mail to synchronize emails through our intermediate web service.

Please note that this is a fully functional release with a 30 days trial period.


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I have never come across an application that is so simple to install and configure and works so efficiently. Very impressive! It works perfectly in combination with Google Calendar and my Android based smartphone.
Good job!
— E. van der Putten

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